As my blog is all about life experiences. I would love to to share my another story with you all 🙂

I am the eldest of four sisters and no brother.I always get being-the-eldest protocol in very matter of my household. It does look all glim and glam until you get the burden. . That really showed when my baby sister was born.We had an age difference of 14 years.My love and affection started rightly after my mother came carrying her and showed her to us .She was like a little Snow White with appealing features sent from heaven to spread joy. I started helping my mother with her baby sitting.I always had a soft corner particularly reserved only for her.Though already having two other sisters around I never seriously felt need to have another one.But one never know how astonishingly miraculous God is,till it comes to His plans. The delight of having a new baby in a family was divine.Whenever she smiled to my words,it was like finally she is sharing and giving back the love she received with a vibrant glow on her face.The saddening truth is when a baby grows.Nonetheless, we wish they remain the same age.When my sister started talking ,she also started quarreling random but I always took that as fun.Generally,I believe that older sibling are always goofy brains.We don’t really bother about striving back to fight.That’s what I always did.I thought she ll learn when she ll grow up but I was so wrong.Occasionally I did scold her for yelling.But the moment  I see her whining adorable face.I immediately let my guards down with regret and hugged her back,.I hated having a soft corner at times because I can’t scold her a times or even when I do after an instant I start laughing and she knows that I wasn’t serious at all.It provoked my anger seeing my sisters scolding her.They always said “you are going to spoil her”. I didn’t care a damn back them but now I realize they were right.So the image I wanted to create as a strict sister dragged through the mad because of my unwise timings 😛

Now is she is all grown up,8 years to be exact.I always do see her obeying orders from my other sisters.I started distinguishing that however they both love her to bits but in their own certain way.They don’t always act chummy or molly coddle her every time like I do.Whenever she tries to answer them back,they only give her a infuriated look and she is all quite and respectful.Whereas If  I were in their shoe she would have payed no heed to what I ramble.After all this pampering her to distraction was my fault at the end of the day.

I learned the way to tackle her was to show her a fair difference between an elder and age fellow.She should learn to respect her elders.It’s not only me she should respect but every body how is generous in affection.But if she continues to stay the same so I ll deal this in my own way and that is silence which is the best response.After all respect is earned not demanded.

My sister name is Annaya and she has started taking me seriously  she knows she is going to obey me otherwise I won’t talk to her whenever she ll plead me to.

Here are her few pictures  of annaya I am sharing with you all.


7 thoughts on “My Soft Corner!

  1. so cute MA. 1st of all your blogs are really impressive, I like it . keep it up. 2ndly in every family youngest child is the most love one. mean ” ladla” :P. and Allah, don’t know how put there love in our hearts, when they smile to us and either obey us, it feels differently. very loving. one wishes to stay with these young siblings forever. and especially the elder one has most love for youngest one. 🙂

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