We interact with so many people around us .Categorically some like to socialize while others are bit too introvert to speak .Maybe, they’re busy in their own little circle and don’t like intruding, whereas some like to be meddled in. Me, I am the latter one who doesn’t give a damn about having my privacy invaded. I like being solicitous and welcoming to people around me. However, I still am averted to narcissists and like maintaining a distance of miles from them because that’s how they like to be treated; with grumpiness and seclusion. I truly believe in like-minds-think-alike-theory. we become friends with people who talk ,act or think like us. That’s why whenever a problem pops up in our lives; this people make sure they advise and help us get through the reality bit turmoils.

I am that sort of a person who is dependent on a friend’s advice, their guidance being right there for me every time I need it. But somewhere in life, I really thought they don’t know enough world, there is something missing in their approach to being a Mentor. It was really a kind of a naggy feeling, I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. Nonetheless, they chaperoned me in my strenuous times but they surprisingly lagged way behind in-league-to-worldliness as compared to my grandma.

Older people are without a doubt paragon of practicality and courage. They can play a pivotal role in reforming us, considering teenage is a sort of age where we all suffer from severe ADD (Attention deficient disorder). Instead of paying heed to their consultations ,we are busy fantasizing about God knows everything; from being brought up in a luxurious life style to elite class clothing to brands to novelish heroes and what not. But twenties I affirm is a bit of a drill for everyone, it’s when reality hits hard; shaking us to awake from the shackles of fairyland. Yupp!!!!Twenties is a decade of maturity, sanity and guidance. I would genuinely agree to it because it was when I really wanted to tune up myself, and to hear stories from my grandmother about her childhood, and how they learned so much about life. Whenever, I had holidays or luckily when my grandmother use to come in summers, I wished she prolonged her visit so that she could stay with us, to teach me about the expertise of life. Her sermons held a power to bide in my head. She was like

      “You should always have an optimistic approach, learn to be a good listener,Be tolerant and patient.Stay faithful when you have nothing left to do and God won’t deprive you”.

The other person that helped see me life in a new perspective was my aunt .I used to visit her in holidays. We rarely interacted, but she always insisted and I wanted to keep in touch with her. Though, I absolutely loathe communication gaps because they start injecting you with negative vibes which are honestly bizarre and absurd. I loved the way she always enthusiastically narrated me about her upbringing, her defying streak, retaliating every situation with open-mindedness, humor and valor. She still unfolds her blasts-from-past moments and literally give me laughing fits. It is good to know she is there for me but what I learned from her peculiarly was

                    “Every person has good and bad points, if that particular person has messed with you and has treated you roughly in his crucial time; stay calm and collective, and remember he/she  was the one who was a good friend to  you and don’t forget their positive deeds and learn to accept that there was time when a person is having a low phase,accept it  and move on ,and don’t react negatively .Don’t ever take things for granted .Thank God for what he bestows upon you and learn to value people more than you value things.”

Let’s accept it we all are seekers of love, care and affection. As long as we are getting it we are grateful but when it is missing its painful .Although, my mother helped me a lot being a better person; I am who I am of her. I love her to depth for being my confidant and bestest friend but my aunt and grandmother played a stupendous role in my character building, for which i am in there forever debt.

Authors Note:Try for once getting close with your elders. I hope they will help you to rectify your mistakes and help you make a better person to live in this strange wild world. Let’s aspire to inspire 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A Forever Debt!

  1. Great post Izza. u know, i read it 4 times and each time i go through it, i learned very positive things.
    I m student of 9th class and i started reading books and blogs recently. and very inspired from your post also it is boosting my reading habit. once again thanks for such great blog. 😛 🙂


  2. Dear Izza,

    I am getting more and more interested in your ideas. Your profile pic is intriguing and I like your romantic verses. As I looked at archives I came across this post. I know it might sound a bit odd but we have peculiar similarity of thoughts. This makes us friends 🙂

    I wrote this article in July. I have others like this on my blog but would take some digging.

    Please let me know what you think about it:



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