Screenshot_2015-01-02-01-10-45-1Pretty much encounters in our lives make us all Oh-My-God-haw-that’s-wasn’t-suppose-to-happen.These awkward scenarios can never make peace with us, until death tear us apart :p.I love narrating my oopsi moments, because it’s good listening that I am not that the lone survivor of hell and damnation, people do experience such demeaning bliss.For example, personally, I loathe oogling my friends message; it’s like the forbidden-understood-theory,because glare of a friend in a relationship is enough to rip you in shreds. But who can blame the obvious right? When by chance you sneak a peak at their messages , and though you act all quacky getting a glimpse for the inner demon’s peace ; but the embrassing look on a friend’s face is worth it, and doing the exaggerated  hawwww at that moment just spice the notch.I love doing hawws hayees particularly at that moment ,Maybe, the message details aren’t sordid but who cares as long as it is a frivolous prank.

The other day I read about Groaking; which means expecting somebody to offer food when they are eating. I think we all groak momentarily, but the haw moment comes when somebody doesn’t offer or don’t give a fig to share, because apparently they are misers ,or you have an evil eye that will make their food stuck in the throat but groaking rules I think are grounded to friends only; because if they don’t share,we prefer attack-and-snatch-away theory and have fun.

The worst haw moment utterly mortifying for me was, when I was my best bud strolling around my department, and I saw progenies of my new-found-friendship; I gleefully eyed them to notice me ,so that  I could greet them ,but they passed by as if I didn’t  exist and bingooo adding a fuel to the fire was none other then my best bud jesting and laughing her arse  off, that horrendous moment was my big time haw moment:p

Author’s Note : Do tell me your  haw moments.I hope  they are better then mine and I would love to read your views.

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