Sudden bloom of Love
Sudden acceptance of faults
Sudden acts of gratitude
Sudden feel of dominance
Sudden surrender to submission
Sudden ignorance of verbal jabs
Sudden turn of events and touché
Sudden bridge of miscommunication
Sudden path of mistrust
Sudden rumors of debauchery
Sudden twinge of negative vibes
Sudden brawls leading to forgrantedness
Suddenly washing over the deeds of good
Sudden rush of a demon in seconds
Turning upside down, the sudden moments of affections
Into the sudden smoldering venom
All in a blink of an eye
All in all of a sudden


9 thoughts on “All of a sudden!

  1. It’s always difficult to comprehend the pace with which changes happen and usually they are in the rush of the moment giving us no time to prepare which is how you described it. Really well-written Izza. Thank you for sharing.


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  2. All of a sudden things changed. Something good, can become bad. I think sometimes may be we neglect a relationship for example and it slowly turns sour and by the time our eyes open it is ‘suddenly’ breaking.
    Thanks alot for this piece dear.

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