Here time is passing by day after a day
All jinxed up in awe of mischief raising a
Glass to cheer the inner demon of hell being
Wooed with traits; miserly and cheap jumbled
Up cheering each other on the demise
Of humans taking a plunge to dig their
Own graves with such a callous attitude
Not even realizing that inside each of them
There is a beautiful treasure called heart
Who wants to let go of the handcuffs of
Greediness and burning ache of sins all
Devoid of sharing the wealth with others below
Not paying heed to Karma which will explode will
Such grudge painting regret all over your faces so
Just get a bit of generous and save a little for the ones
Below who need a bit of kindness and compassion of
Money to get over the pain and will make references to God
For your contentment and ease in this life and here after

24 thoughts on “Raise a glass!

  1. There’s a deep message here…and I appreciate it. Reminds me of something I learnt yesterday. True religion across most divides in summarised in charity – love. Why we forget this? Dunno.

    This is tight and flowing so easily and lovingly in a lovely way that from the sway I almost thought it was a short story or prose I was reading. You do write well, and I like the way the words kept snaking into each other.

    A toast to life in a hope we don’t let hell roast us to strife

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    1. Thanks a ton Sueddie..The forgetting part is the most forsaken thing ever and doing something for others will triple the amount of happiness in ourselves! High time for everybody before we rot in hell 😛
      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts! Means a lot 🙂


      1. I never was able to do that. I somehow got mercy. I think mercy will come to all eventually, especially in light of this, “He locks all together into stubbornness, in order to show mercy to all.”

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  2. Izza, there is a great message here. You are right, we do all have heart. We need to listen to that still small voice and do right by others. Your poem makes me think of the problem of economic inequality and how greed will be the ruin of many. But, you also have a message of hope. Really, very nice. Cheers, Chris

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    1. yeah!Wanted to tell people its never too late just think a little bit about the poor.Surely ‘ll get satisfaction in helping them and God will be merciful to omit our odds~ Cheers! 🙂

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  3. A thought that must have crossed the minds of everyone, but never had been expressed through words so beautifully. The line which said we all have a beautiful treasure called heart tells us that we don’t need any other treasure to be able to help those in need. What we need is just to use that beautiful treasure and compassion will flow 🙂
    Really very thought provoking. A brilliant piece it is 🙂

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    1. The compassion is what will lead us to see the darker side of the Satan staining our soul and you understood the essence again. CHEERS 🙂 Thankyou for the admiration! God bless!

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      1. That was so deep that I fell short of words. A powerful message re-inforced. I whole heartily wish your voice to be heard by masses. You are a rare find. Keep the enchanting spell going 🙂

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