My friend Erika nominated my blog for the Non-Love in More Than Ten Sentences challenge. It is the first time I receive this nomination.I hope I did justice guys 🙂

Haven’t you seen the warmth in his gaze?
Didn’t you ever notice his stare with a care?
Don’t you ever feel giddy with him as a pair ?
Wasn’t your instinct there to sense the rare ?
Where you not always relying on his prayer ?
Wasn’t your worth not always there fair and square?
Why couldn’t you cease to stop this air?
Didn’t you skip a beat for him beware?
Weren’t these signs storming you to prepare?
Everything yet anything as beautiful as love



  1. Each question you asked made me stop and think for a moment. It was then I realized how much thought you have put in to write these beautiful lines. A perfect blend of love and faith!
    Also, your blog now appears even more lively than before. 🙂

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