You are the…..

Sole star of my universe

Only Jewel  of my treasure

Caution before cure

Dragon to my slayer

Sparkle to my laughter

Reason to my way home

Delight to my eyes

Sight I wish to take every breath for

Addition to every curve of my smile

Wicked angel to my churnished soul
Knight of the shining armour

Protagonist of my every drama

Paradise on a gold platter

Inshort!You are the..

Drama queen of my kingdom filled with

Love I craved soo deep!



13 thoughts on “My Wicked Angel!

    1. Yeah! Colin she is a kid of 8 years old now! Though she has a mind of her three elder sister (lol) ..Yeah is interested in every poem I write so I ll read it to her and plus wills ave for her!
      Thank you for the idea 🙂
      God bless! xx

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    1. hahaha! I even didn’t know ! 😛 Just tried to jot down the mingling words in my roaming mind 😛 I am so happy you shared your thoughts! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. haha! No i am not even close to being a poet Sueddie 😛 Just tried to write down the words I read in my historical romances 😀 but you can woo a lovely lass 🙂
      Listen I still need to write a poem for your anthology but i can write only in silence so you have to wait a bit 🙂

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