Dream:  “I am tired of being jerked around all the time and guess what, who have torned them into pieces, all long it was none other than you.  I wish, I knew it, from the start. You! You!! Brutal obnoxious piece of shit. I am not even sorry for this blasphemy any more. Mind you! Before you start pointing out how bitter I am acting now, it’s solely because you have destroyed me with slow kill! Yeah! You indeed got succeeded in getting me away from my twins Love and Fantasy. Why don’t you call for a toast now? Don’t you dare smile at me with the entire venom still breathing in you? Everybody kept on telling me we can’t be together but then I was plain mad in getting enamored with your sugary chatters. Will you stay quiet, or need a punch to utter something before I lose my cool? Just be real with me just once.

Reality : Haha! I can’t stop laughing..Give me a moment to get in the trance. Look wait! Calm down! You are acting absurd and that’s now proven for sure, not even Galileo would doubt it. I can understand you like getting melodramatic but let me get this straight, I am sorry for all the hurt I caused you but this was just down to give you a push right. I don’t like them getting all perked up just because you like staying for short notice, and leave without delay. Once, you get in them you make them crave everything, which they never ever thought of, but then in a second, you lack the wisdom to motivate them to achieve something. That’s when I have to barge in, just so they keep on getting the reality checks. Now you ask me, why I separated you from Love and Fantasy? Because you were spoiling them, without even striving them to get a bit serious in real. Run in their veins like a blood, engulf them to strive hard to reach their target, try to indulge them with your staunch attributes, and when they’ll get past all the hurdles, all the cheers will be for you. But condition still remains firm ,staying for long is the only option get that.”


34 thoughts on “Dialogue b/w Dream & Reality (Part-1)

    1. Thankyou so much Nidhi! I am glad you shared your thoughts.. I am in a dread need of suggestions to write a new dialogue! Can you help me a bit ? 🙂

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      1. Sounds great but tough 😛 i ll try to think of something! Mean while do you any other idea in mind ? because my O,P,R fight a lot in mind 😛

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  1. Very different! My Dream and Reality characters are both friends. “Dream” is the carefree, adventurous, creative, take a chance persona while “Reality” is the solid, steady type who grounds me periodically in matters of fact. The two work very well together and each would be totally lost without the other. 🙂

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    1. Wow! whattay a different and thoughtful approach.Hence you broadened my horizon will try to bring in the chirpyness in the next ones 🙂 God bless!xx

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  2. Love this one. The grumpy dream made me giggle and the reality seemed very cool and calm. But for me in real life, sometimes, the role is reversed. Living is dreams is more comforting and reality is harsh. But then again it would be fruitless.
    I love your dialogue series. And I love your writing style. This conversation style was very innovative. 😀

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    1. hahah! I ll make dream sound all merry in Part-2 okay 😀 Reality is brutal I agree but I had to make it positive as it our survival 😛 I hope i come up soon with sth to make you all delightful 🙂

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      1. I am sure you will. 🙂 And I understand your take on reality. This is how it should be. But sadly, it is not. 😦
        And you always delight me and the fellow bloggers with your wit and beautiful writing. 🙂 Just keep spreading the light. 🙂


    1. Dreams ……..all words, little action? How does that work with Martin Luther King (I have a dream); a universal health system; The Beatles; Picasso etc. etc. they all had dreams. The difference between them and many others is that they were relentless in pursuing their dreams. A dream can be realized but, like anything else worthwhile, you have to work at it. A dream ignored could well be a lost opportunity. Reality 100 years ago said that we were tied to this planet. A dreamer precipitated space travel. The horse was the mode of travel not too long ago. A dreamer precipitated the internal combustion engine. Flying was limited to admiring birds and flying kites until a dreamer started to focus on the possibilities of man flying. Always follow your dreams and, if reality gets in the way, find a route around it!

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      1. Yeah a profound thought indeed! But dreams are pursued if and only if we give them a nudge in reality..If we dream and stay idol then dreams are a mere illusion to fantasize 🙂 & you’re right follow your dreams and don what ever it takes to strive for them 🙂

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