Stare: “I can keep looking at you’re for hours, and never get bored… I don’t know why, I have to say this repetitively but, you deserve every ounce of it… Maybe, you don’t know the spell you generate with this glee on your face. I have loved your twinkling eyes from the very start. I didn’t know what made me so recklessly incurable but, you make me giddy with excitement and, I am happy you like staying, where you always belonged…Don’t you know that affect you have on me? I bet you don’t know otherwise; you would want these seldom-moments to last long…By the by, you’re contagious and, all in a good sense. Oh Shoot! One thing I forgot to mention not to grin all the time and, some might consider you a maniac gotten discharged from asylum recently… I am not sure what’s with me today; my odd laugh and chuckles, so please say something…”

Smile: “Goodness! I didn’t know that I had such an impact on you and, a good one again overwhelming indeed…See! Instead of gawking at me, you can also try beaming with glow and, I am not saying to be polite towards me only, but with others as well. You don’t know this gesture of kindness can ease all your worries and, make you feel a lot better. One more thing, it will not only fill you with contentment abandoning frown from brow but, others as well experiencing this pure joy. “

(I wrote this dialogue for my mom..I am not good with expressing how much I LOVE her smile but still I can keep on staring her and wishing these moments lasts forever)

20 thoughts on “Magical ( Smile & Stare)

    1. Yeah words are not enough but maybe sometimes I ll read it to her and I can see that smile again on her face which I would missed it ,if not for the post 😛

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  1. “it will not only fill you with contentment abandoning frown from brow but, others as well experiencing this pure joy” – This is so true ! And also applies to your warm pieces. Pure joy it was to read this 🙂


      1. i feel complemented when you say me thanks….it feels yeah i made someone happy today..thats great 🙂 your welcome my dear friend. Do take care 🙂


      2. hehehe its enough for me if i can make few of my friends happy. Many may not be happy with me or my deeds but who care but yeah at least few. Some beautiful souls like you. 🙂


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