Predator is my soul

Whose claws are

Ready to eat flesh

With no ounce of empathy.

Predator is my body

Which likes to hibernate

For long and profound

With no echoes of outrage.

Predator is my spirit

Always ready to have a

Sweet revenge from


Boiling my blood.

Predator is my mind

To all the hanky-panky

Done to bring me down

With treachery and disgust.

Predator is my being

Still sympatheticΒ to

Chances who oath

Before me.

Predator is my psyche

Which saddens with the

Grey of the dusk leaving

The nightingales to rule

The bright.

Predator is my intuition

Filled with barriers

Of invasion done

With the simple act

Of diplomacy.

Predator is my façade

Born when the sting

Of wounds still linger

In my body rupturing

Me apart.

Predator is my defense

Which blooms only

With self esteem and

Recognition of myself.

Predator is my furry

Which will cease only

When matters are left

In the hands of the might power.

32 thoughts on “Predator of mind!.

  1. Woah ! Every time I read these lines, something new jumps at me from between the lines! This is so brilliantly thought and written! I’ll read once more to comment further.
    The soul eating flesh, flesh willing to hibernate away from outrage, but spirit doing just the opposite. Then mind keeping you from coming down, but being too innocent to understand all the treachery. Next comes the role psyche, intuition, facade and defense contradicting the obvious and but making us who we are. Finally the last line said it all. Words coming from a true believer and an incredibly incredible poet!
    I remember someone said she writes in circles? πŸ˜› Every word of this is so well connected and meaningful ! I have really seldom found this depth in poems of any other poet. And I am not exaggerating. Way to go girl πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Prateek! !!!!!!
      Thankyou so much and you know what I really don’t know how to respond to such heartily appreciated comments :p
      Haha! I STILL DO! My today’s post was a proof of my forte rather addiction of circlish poems :p
      I think now you seem to be freshen up after a long peaceful voyage with entourage at your prestige πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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