The songs playing on a loop in my head

wanted me to groove for a short span

of time over the shortest treasures

I held dear in life making me dance

synchronously with the beats going

the way to uplift my mood Fluctuating

In a randomization of Moments!

Getting a sudden jolt when the car stopped

I realized it wasnt the songs in my head

but in the car with a full volume getting

Me in the trance of full moon light pouring

It’s glitter in a crowded roads hustled

To drive rash through the highway with

A speed dazzling to make the night worthwhile. .


16 thoughts on “A Lil groove!

  1. What’s wrong my friend,I have not been getting your posts,I miss you too
    I haven’t been feeling so good lots if pain in my leg,pinched nerve,I had to go to the foot Dr today and he had to take an ingrown toe nail out after I told him I was in pain already he didn’t numb my toe,my heart in low and my spirits aren’t any better,l am sorry for dumping on you,but I am just not myself
    As always Sheldon


  2. This feels like a crazy ramble but it does make sense! It is the kind of experience one might catch on a Friday night…
    There’s life to these lines and a fine spirit. Groove on Iz… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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