You might be smart, attractive, sweet
A mix of thoughtfulness & recklessness
Trying to find a way to decipher life
Gin or tonics might be in abundance
Or some depravity fed in your soul
Illicit as it sounds we differ human.

You crave to hike a mountain or a hill
Holstering different moods in your brain
Interested in communication or in deaf resort
Paving a path along the way or a barren road
Striking appearance on filthy roads
Waiting for exposure or withstanding denial
Brief as it goes I am not you

A pile of nerves;Β  garbled & flustered
Tainted in the golden light of Sun
Freckles or maybe a plain complexion
Sequestered for a union later or no
Dubious for the aims or reluctant in recliner
Countering Satan’s pawns or fallen angels
I beg to differ I am not you

Imitating or recuperating from my hideous being
Thus, being myself is a rough estimate of grave risk
It was worth all the peril dear,I wasn’t you
Standing being myself is an art to master human
Nail it before you callow among individuals

P.s: Being yourself is not just two word story. It’s a tumult and finding the way to the nerve wrecking self is a bliss in disguise.


19 thoughts on “It’s not you.

  1. Who am I ?
    I exist because I have few observer.. and I will exist till I have those observers..

    Searching oneself is so difficult yet the best agenda of every life instead we waste judging people.
    Thanks for sharing..
    God bless you πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks a ton Will for your comment. . I miss you as well! ! I am working on a book right now so had just turned off the comments till I finish it. .I will get back soon here. .

      How have you been ??


      1. I am happy to hear that you are well and I cannot wait to see your book. I “am” as we all are and have nothing horrible happening in my life right now. ( Big Smile ) Take care ! ; )


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