“Even the shimmering face isn’t hiding away your despair. I can decipher through your almond eyes the reason behind your kill joy. The black heads that gather at the top of your nose moan at your agony. Your half hearted smile that flash your perfect teeth fail to reach your eyes. Your twitched lips or narrowed brows snicker to get my perpetual heart beating. Your forlorn demeanor intensify when your eyes meet mine in frenzy. Judging the ray of awareness in me, you hunch down to same posture as before. Your honey colored hair tantalising me cover your face that renders me speechless. I am in a glory of torment that either makes me crave or hallucinate you. The love that is at the tip of my tongue unequivocally paves away to your heart. Our symphony isn’t in our numbered stares ; it is in our heart beats that fluctuate to get incognito. “


20 thoughts on “Blue romance.

  1. Hi Izza! Your daily quotes had made me check my Facebook multiple times a day. Love your posts beyond words. I will re-iterate what I said an year back. “I will be telling people that I knew this amazing writer when she was just starting” 🙂

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    1. Haye Prateek that’s so good to know! I can’t thank all of you for your appreciation! This really bolsters my flagging spirits! !! I hope I become that amazing. 😂😂😂

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      1. Aapka bhi shukria ! Aur yar yahan ka Jama Masjid gaya to try to click magic there. But wahan ja k pata chala 300 ki ticket leni padti hai if going with camera. Toh maine socha inshallah bahar se hi achhi photos khinchne ni koshish karta hu 😛

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      2. 300rupees was so less money. Pakistan main hota tou double, triple hota! Whenever you have sufficient money then please definitely take the photos 🙂

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      1. Not real good
        It hasn’t been fun
        Too much going on physically
        Out patient surgery yesterday
        Don’t get old
        Take care of yourself
        It’s true what they say
        If you don’t care of yourself
        They will take care of it for you
        And trust me you don’t want that

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      2. It’s really blazing hot weather in my side of the world. ..yeah you are right. It’s better to take care of our selves on our own 🙂 you are absolutely right 🙂


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