His wayward presence had an aura
I couldn’t help myself but get drown
In those raven eyes
Casting a spell over me -gingerly & perfectly
His arrival at those perfect seconds
Led me through the aisle
hand in hand
Walking in merriment
Tip toeing to your favorite number
The grin plastered on your skin
Creeped blush on my cheeks
Your hands around my waist
Warm & fragile -tracing circles
On my back felt like
Ecstasy thriving into life
Slow pecks on my forehead
Inhaling your aftershave
I closed my eyes to be in a stupor
Where echos from the background awaited
Our raging heartbeats synchronized
Doing somersaults in my stomach
Opening my eyes to your grown stubble
I let you lead me out to our yacht
Where our happy beginning
Galvanized a Mayfair of love.



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