I was not your love.
I was a temporary temptation
A flesh and blood soul
That enticed you
One that kept pushing you
To the edge of never
Maybe I did have a role
To play your keeper
To indulge you in fantasy
Why didn’t I get that part
Where you were going to dust me off?
Like my mere existence was a burden
Maybe those secretive plans
That didn’t count me in
Were an epiphany
To stay away from you
But who could blame
That teeny tiny heart
That harboured a soft spot for you
Who could blame that mind
that was your addict ?
Your hellos &goodbyes
Your out of the way gestures
Those 4am calls
And those eye locks
That send shivers down my spine
Vanished with a thud
Because I was a muse
Now I am just an excuse
You can’t wait to get away from.


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