Smoky clouds ruling the noon
With trees fumbling
Delighted of the rain
Heaven above smiled
Seeing her again there
Amongst the chirping
Where she always come
To mediate
Around the sunless sky
Where comfort comes
In heaps
Letting down her resolve
Air offers shoulders
To breath in & out
To let horrors
Dwindle somewhere else
Until she resurrects
Until she relived again
For a brief hour
To speak her mind
A soft caress of breeze
Is a way to start
Words rolling down her
Tongue like a marshmallow
The blight seems to fade
Until she has to go back
And come back
Again same hour
To invade nature merrily
Stealthy to seek
Minutes alone.


One thought on “Minutes alone

  1. Beautiful poetry izza.
    I enjoyed it a lot. I am not good at writing poems but I did somethong similar to this, I’ll be glad if you see my blog also :). Your qoutes collection is always finely amazing.Cheers !

    Liked by 1 person

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