Those counting seconds
Hanging between us
Awaited the ultimatum
I didn’t know how to
Breach that subject
To not let them
Approach it anymore
Time after time
I saw same faces
Their wicked smiles
and cunning souls
holstered with my
Shards of soul
Always taking away
My freedom in bits
And pieces.
At times they had
Heart liken hammer
Carried weapons
To enslave me
To lead me away
In the savage island
Of rotten tongues
Those counting seconds
In my mind always
Intervened reassuring
Me , casting a spell
over my shunned
Catastrophic heart
To not let any of it
Get in my head
But I couldn’t
Know where else
To confide than in my
Liberating head where
Counting seconds don’t
Last they have ways to chase me
After all.

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