Dressed as a seductress
You arrived at my funeral
Looking as bewitching as I saw you the first time
Hair tied up in a knot
Those black shades of yours
Hiding red rimmed grey eyes
I swear I could see your shallow breaths
Aproaching the stand for my eulogy
You couldn’t even utter a word
Just gazing at the crowd with nothingness
Feeling numb and poignant
That pencil black shirt & white blouse
Dragging enough attraction
From your lethal body to your red stilletos
But still couldn’t stop the onlookers for preying at
Your silence like an uncommunicative revenge
Reigning through the wide hall
Still not done with the show you performed
Just a “Thank you” escaped from your lips
Before your relieving sigh cast a blow
At my casket
Grasping for breath, you ran as fast as you could
Leaving my dead corpse thoroughly sated
For my closure at the hands of you
Thou, I deserved to die
To let that shame subside my body
That tormented me.


5 thoughts on “Uncommunicative revenge

    1. Thanks Chris! ! Happy belated birthday. .I couldn’t write on your Facebook wall…but all the best for everything in life!


  1. so beautifully written. You chose the perfect and heart touching words, your quotes are always good but your poetry is so amazing. Keep writing. Lots of luck and Love for you sister.


      1. My pleasure. We all are amateur writers, it’s just a process of learning that never ends. Your poetry has depth in it really looks experienced.


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