That’s me!

I guess I haven’t been catching up with you all lately and after known this WP kingdom for 7 months and flooded with so many intriguing blogs is exciting ,I thank Erika for nominating me for this Lovely Blog Award. I have got a chance again to tell something about myself.She’s is an inspiration.


These are the Rules for this Award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. Add the “One Lovely Blog” logo to your post.
3. Share Seven (7) facts about yourself.
4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers you admire, and then inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 facts about me:

1) Urghh Annoying!..

images (1)

images (3)

3)I am insanely heed over heels about my celeb crushes.Recent is Barry Sloane and Josh bowman.


4) Just my favorite mood.


5)That what happens

images (15)

6)I hate yelling

images (13)

7) Shush! A secret

images (8)

I want to thanks Empower love for nominating me for Dragon’s Loyalty Award..I am really glad you liked my work and gave me this award .dragons-loyalty-award

The rules:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  3. Give 7 facts about yourself.

7 facts about me:

1) Hell yeah!

images (7)

2) It feels that every forsaken hour of early morning.


3)Why on earth ??

images (4)

4) I dread it immensely..
images (16)

5) My aww moment..
images (18)

6) I am a terrible liar..

7) Holy shit! Yess 😀

images (17)

Thanks for reading 😛

P.S: ( An aversion to nominations 😀 )

Acknowledging #AWARDS!…

I am so sorry for such a delay in thanking all my WP family for showering awards to a lethargic soul like me :p

I ll start by saying thank you to everybody one by one ❤

  • Erika  for Encouraging thunder & Permio Dardos Award.
  • Kritika for Starlight blogger, Sisterhood of the world,Very Inspiring ,No Strings Attached Awards.
  • Sulagno for Leibster Award.
  • Williamleeone for Creative Blogger Award.
  • Rob for Blog Tour Award.
  • Barira for Encouraging Thunder,No Strings Attached Awards & Very Inspiring Awards.
  • Poetry for Versatile Blogger,Sisterhood of the World Awards
  • Kristy for Versatike Blogger Award
  • Himanshu for No strings Attached Award

Thank you so much guys this really means a world to me and yeah about the questions I ll definitely answer them & pardon me if I forgot anybody else ,right now my mind only remembered these nominees!!

Happy Monday!!!

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Day as a Liebster !

KRITIKA! Thanks a million #CloudNine 😛 I am such a procrastinator. I should have written way back, but anyways, you calling me a Liebster (Sweetheart) is enough to make my day 😛 Reminds me of ,how I never knew such word existed in Majesty German language, even after taking the semester course in college, Awesome …No ? 😀

For my new found friend who’s all jovial, incredible and wonderful person. Merciful heavens! How she writes is beyond epic ,like getting gaga for a writing ,that’s how I describe her. So, everybody before you miss some more idyllic work of Kritika, go and run but wait! Wait! before leaving read some questions she asked me in a rapid fire round.. 😀

Shall I proceed legendary bloggers?  I heard all of you screaming with excitement “Yes”…Awww thanks 😛

Q1.Why are you here on WordPress?
I don’t know 😛 (my fav word).I guess I have got all the time in the world to write about how I feel, what I feel, when do I feel,why do I feel. Feelings are imp so jotting it down here presently, btw I didn’t know there are a lot more blogging sites, but you my dear “WP” caught my eye ,giving me the feeling of a lightning strike (Yeah you ) 😛

Q2.Who is your favorite author/poet and why.
It is like describing your favorite progeny and I hate it  😛 Anyways, I started reading ONLY because Judith McNaught is my personal-best-loved author. She made me realize that what a wonderful world book reading it, keeping me occupied and free from scuttle butting 😛

Q3.When was the last time you laughed hard? Why?
My goodness! Do I have to say it here (lol) I won’t :p But few days ago ,we friends were munching somewhere in Islamabad; sharing dirty jokes with laughing tears to the brim. Seriously! I need some heartily good laugh *Gets up and starts cracking lame jokes*  😛

Q4.One thing that you have done, and are proud of?
Back ago, In college days me and my friends helped arrange school fee for a janitor’s son.She couldn’t afford so, we collected money from hostelites. To be more exact I felt happy like divine .By the by,I loathe pride and the idea of being proud about something gives me creeps :p (I believe Pride is God’s attribute and it’s not for us to have).

Q5.One thing you wish the world was free from?
Here comes what antagonizes me the most in this world :@ Poverty, Greed, Selfishness, Pride, Ego, Tyranny and Jealousy are the traits/shackles, I want this world to be free from; Imagine what a world it would be *Sighs*

Q6.One thing you would change in yourself.
Overthinking is like a shrub which keeps on growing within me .So I like to change that;
There might be many other things but I don’t have to say it all in here!  (Something’s are never meant to be revealed) *Evil grin* 😀

Q7.What is on your mind right now?
(Yeah you! ) (Yeah you!) (Yeah you! ) 😛  (FYI, I love this song “Somebody to you” by the vamps, then you ‘ll notice my obsession with this phrase) 😀

Q8.One sober thing you did and one crazy thing you did.
Lemme ask my friends :p  I am crazy for guys all suited and this is what that makes me sober 😀 *drolls*  😀

Q9.What is that one thing that keeps you going?
My love for God which helps me get faith and peace 🙂

Q10-Night Party with friends or hot coffee and a book?
Who would have time for coffee (pukes) :P..I am gonna Hi5 all my friends and rush to a night party. Thinking of it is making me all giddy and perked up… :p

Q11.Describe the version of you which you love the most.
Eemm..When I am not whining (Which I do like a looot ) ..Actually humans do, so its natural and normal 😛 (To all those who don’t, I have odd sense of humor #DealWithItBuds) 😀

Q12.Your thoughts on love.
Love is everywhere but we try finding it one particular person which makes us ungrateful and blind for what we have. Love for me can come automatically; when all ingredients of worth, care and affection are there ready to create this potion with absolute magic.

Q13.What will you do if you wake up one day and find yourself in an unknown city?
I hope that unknown city is Barbados 😛 ( An Island basically ) ,and having few bucks in my wallet can do wonders for me *Bingo* :p Enjoying a day in a restaurant with all cuisines from the world (I’m a diehard foodie) .Maybe if some money left then I can enjoy a stay in a hotel room, plus the advantage of a keeping a fridge filled with chocos all to myself *AHHHHH!* :p

Q14.When you look at your reflection in the mirror, what is the first question you ask to yourself?
Why I am so blessed is the first question that pops to my mind (being the richest in the list among everyone who have shelter, food and cloth )..Obviously we all are lucky, very much indeed and I hope we can thank God enough.

Q15.What is the definition of self-obsession for you?
I guess people who like looking at mirror 😛 (I dn’t know I find them self obsessed and a bit cranky..)

Like I said earlier in my first blog, I am averted to nominations ,till I complete an year here which ‘ll happen probably in December hopefully 😀 Have a great day people!

Versatile Blogger Award

I don’t know what to say, I had to rub my eyes a bit to see Prateek nominated
me for this award.Though still I am a bit dubious that should I accept the nominee or not,
because you all will see my posts are a bit of melancholy,and versatility is just a tad bit there(I am getting there #NoWorries 😀 )

Did I mention my thanks to Prateek for the nominee? Wait!! I’ll start with the introductory speech of how glad I always get, when he heartily comments on the blogs and with proper appreciation making
your-day each time with such exceedingly generous comments and none of his followers can deny the fact that, he creates a profound wave of words hitting the right brainstorming-nerve-chords-of-our-minds 😛

Enough description of Prateek here:p but do visit his blog because you might be missing out some major talent major here in WP…

So here are facts about me! (*Enjoyyy*)

1. I am a Procrastination Station. I just can’t, like literally can’t work on time.No matter how bad the circumstances get I can never, until its the last moment and I am all fidgety with my famous-cranky-mode 😛

2. I am a software engineer but honestly I suck big time in this field. Though(I use this word frequently) now working as a Web Developer, I think I underestimated myself earlier because I am getting a bit good with my field and bingo I am happy,but the flashbacks of college life slaping the living daylights out of me lol coz I still can’t believe I graduated and I am always saying my friends somebody pinch me or scream at the top of their lungs that “this girl is a graduate” *Hip Hip Hurray* (thanks :p )

3. I am Bookaholic. I love reading but the books must be only a historical/regency romance not any sci-fi(I am allergic to Sci-fi books). I like getting into that royalty trance whenever I am reading and staying in a bubble for a moment ain’t that bad unless somebody hands me over Harry potter or to Kill a Mocking Bird/Jay/whatsoever 😛

4. I have this adventurous streak in me I don’t when it started but I am glad I transformed from a hermit to a care-free Venusian (Anybody who have read Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus would know )

5. I can easily be a digressor in just a second; whenever I think the topics discussed aren’t according to the likes of me I scoot my fellows to bizarre/inane thoughts of frivolous topics (I know! sharp me :p )

6.I craved to be a Foreign Ambassador but oh boy that takes a lot to bring a nerd in me so I am like let the day go on and on.And I loathe games yeah the Android ones .I don’t know they make me super mad(their presence plain & simple) 😛

7. Last but no least I want to be a New York Times Best Selling Author of the book I-have-no-idea- whatsoever-about (In near future maybe) :p But yeah peeps sooner or later, I may consider writing one so just wish me luck and I believe in “MAKE A MARK” as Rumi says: “What you seek is seeking you ” .
Take care everybody and enjoy my blogs as I am trying to get better with the speed of (267.856mph) 😛
P.S : Let me make an year in WP then I can nominate other people as well 🙂 (I am just here 4 months old FYI) :p


My friend Erika nominated my blog for the Non-Love in More Than Ten Sentences challenge. It is the first time I receive this nomination.I hope I did justice guys 🙂

Haven’t you seen the warmth in his gaze?
Didn’t you ever notice his stare with a care?
Don’t you ever feel giddy with him as a pair ?
Wasn’t your instinct there to sense the rare ?
Where you not always relying on his prayer ?
Wasn’t your worth not always there fair and square?
Why couldn’t you cease to stop this air?
Didn’t you skip a beat for him beware?
Weren’t these signs storming you to prepare?
Everything yet anything as beautiful as love