Total Blackout. .


She wished she had the control to shut down the constant spinning of her head from the treachery of the one she vowed to love till death.”What was this all about? He could never turn out to be this way”.She couldn’t believe her eyes how things starting changing in a moment so swiftly,no choices were to be made now. It was all so difficult to fathom the course of events turning out to exactly the direct opposite to how she imagined. The world beneath her feet no longer lingered with the rose petals welcoming her every way; it was rather now injuried with thorns injected in every skeleton of her body bleeding her eyes to death from the inevitable. She asked herself, “how could it happen to her.He wasn’t suppose to act this way now after being in that forsaken sacred love bond for too long.” The harsh assault was a colateral damage to every nerve that pulsed with his fibre of good- embedded to indulge her in sin of love. Being a main course of meal targeted always for the every damned thing, every loss, every tragedy, every illness, every absurdity, every matter, every vengeance was what made her drenched of hope for a change .Battling the conscience to subside her didn’t even do her a good. The dilemma of being blamed was terrifying and killing her deep side. She knew she had to back down before it was too late to even recognize herself before she was burned in chaos of those situations. Packing her bags she left behind and kept running fromĀ insane-excuse existed in this world. A glimpse of hell it was for sure. Thanking God she realized it was just a dream disturbing her power nap. Going back to sleep she vowed not to read depressing stories of love again.A promise she always seized to end.