Good Straying!

Whenever anybody say they loathe book reading its like a stab in my soft heart. I am one meter away from kicking them in the shin 😛 L.O.L kidding but I am just averted to the idea of people not reading books. I mean how could they deprive themselves from such a blissful agony.Book reading is a great digression from all the scuttle-butting we do . Imagine all of us taking the seat of others do’s and don’t’s counselor and beating about the bush for no reason except for cracking lame jokes. This diversion is just timely.How much can we gossip? Sometimes It had to start itching and left a large bruise on us.So Its better late then never! .So the only souvenir that’s gonna help in this peak time is reading. Although the fictional characters are fascinating and make you want to live in a bubble.Its just for time being.Eventually we all know that reality is direct opposite to the fairy tale we have been reading.But I ain’t saying you should stop reading.This is just a diversion from fanatic bragging we all do to please others.Try being bookish for once.It will help you ease a tidy biddy much, allowing you to just live the solace,making you feel good and comforting 🙂 I am a big fan of historical and regency romances .They still own a treasure place in my heart.Read because its a good stray from deviling 😛