Quarantined. ..


He didn’t think there was salvation waiting for him. What he knew for certain was throbbing ache in his strings of heart indicating collateral damage. The wicked grin plastered on his face was enough to keep off the buggers. I couldn’t even know half of the time what he was thinking. Everything around him naturally turned comical. Maybe that was the way he carried himself around like a shield. Inside his mind must have been a terrible place of sentiments, for I had seen him being quarantined more than enough. Maybe his heart was slave to my eyes. I knew that my gaze his way could ricochet his feelings in outburst. Why did he had to be too headstrong to remain normal?  For him normal was highlighting digression. I knew he was hurting, hurting deep side to let the dagger of ribcage slit his hearts in shards. He let it happen any way. His oversaken past and future was causing a riot.  He mused fate was giving him a leverage until he saw what was coming. It wasn’t just a hailstorm. It was more like a turnado all the way from skies to whisk him away in monochromatic life high on chaos. His over thinking overruled everything leaving us both in tatters.

*(QUARANTINE : State of enforced Isolation)

Its not about you!


Whenever I feel grumpy,Whenever I feel stiff
Whenever I want space,Whenever I need surrender
Its not about you
Whenever I feel void,whenever I feel remorse
whenever I feel estrange ,Whenever I am entangled in thoughts
Its not about you
Wherever I need solace ,Whenever I need peace
Whenever I blame,Whoever I curse,Whatsoever I yell about
Its not about you
Whenever I feign smile, Whenever I condescend
Whenever I am nuts,Whatever I am bantering nonsense
Don’t you for God’s sake ever think, its about you
Whenever I ‘ll say something, However I ‘ll say directly
So stop fidgeting around with negativity
Somethings  have to do with me, not with you
Get this,its not always about you,Its about me this time Read more