Did you believe as a gurl what were you getting into?


Did you ever believe as a gurl what were you getting into?

You were glee with rosebud cheeks to get that someone.
You day dreamed how he would make you fall hard.
You knew he was somewhere in the crowd trying to get you.
You were hopelessly screwed finding him in every other guy.
You kept living in a absurd notion called fantasy.
You denied all rumors of reality checks.
You ached to see his face through smoked mirrors.
You absorbed yourself in feign straying.
Your hither wither was dodging.
You drunk into oblivion for this euphoria.
Your flashed smile was a story to witness.
You claimed to be inscrutable when you were nothing but preposterously daft.
Your bizzare ideas were a forgery worth condemn.
Your skeptical rotted mind was now a silent heap.

Did you ever believe as a gurl what were you getting into?

You weren’t the same.
You did gulped the poison of actuality.
You are now a beautiful disaster of benign swags.
You are living with endurance to cease the past lypse.
You are cold blooded with senses pulsating.
You are now the syndrome of redempt.
Your rage & shrieks are of same wavelength
pouring on solitary of heart.
Your love is secluded in a den of past.
You are done with grievances.
You just exhale to bygone.
Your swollen ego has volunteered to give up.
You are now a progeny of present filled with no expectations.


Gripping my hand

In unison I tried

Not to flinch

Slashing my nails in

Fist to forget about

Where these lines

Imprinted on my palms

Were heading.

My momentary struggles

To read a secret

Clue in these lines

Did nothing

To pause

The oscillatory

Rhythm of life.

Instead it

Ended up

Hypnotizing my

Conscience to

Believe in the good

Written in these lines.

Reassuring me to

Forget about curiosity

Fumbled up in me &

For a change

Acknowledge the blind future

With open arms of


Vowing me not to

Glance back

At fortune-hunters

Bribing to sabotage

The already crippled

Relation with the

Supreme power

Who always have

The best of plans

For us.

Provided we have

The patience to

Endure the

Wait to gain

The best.