This is crap


Sitting at this hour

Don’t know what to do

Should I search for a note pad

Nahhh!  Too lazy!

This tab is better

To pen down what I wanna say

Maybe this will help me

In these late hours

It’s 1 in the night already

Lights out

Everyone enjoying sounds sleep

Hostel sucks

Homesickness maybe


I am new to their world

I dont wanna interact

I did once but still blahhh

I am not in a mood to answer

Guess these mood swings will never end

They do actually

With a good weather

Still not happy

What I want

Ermmm! A late night drives with friends

But they have gone

Enjoying vacations

I have to learn to live when

Yeah nobody is waiting around to listen

What I wanna say

Should I not give a damn

Yoo I do! Big deal

Everybody gives deep inside


Everyone is LOST

Or probably no one

I am still mad acting like

A nincompoop

New word

Happy I learnt

Shitty book I read

Just skim read

250 books reader I am

Proud moment #Claps

It’s bullshit

When I can’t spot a good Writer

It sucks ! It takes a second to spot one

Listening Ellie Goulding

Still not felt better

Yuck the tooth ache

Lol misery & me lost found lovers

Can’t get enough of one another

A one night stand was what I wanted with miseries

But here its stuck to me like a centipede

Love me like you do on replay

Three damn times in a row

And here I am done for now

Writing this out of nowhere

Blogging is a relief

Will write again when I am feeling


My cool word

Google it

Tata World

Friends season 4

My life savior

Better watch it

Now!Enough for now

This is crap


At the moment! !