A Dialogue (Heart & Mind)

Mind: “Have you taken hold of your senses? For crying out loud, you are being daft for no apparent reason. After literally giving lot of thoughts to things you clearly did want in life, now all of a sudden you want to give them up? Seriously, stop being so irrational, indecisive, dissolute, incorrigible, douche & whatsoever annoying you sick, sick ,sicko .Cmon! It’s time to think what do you really desire? Is it that hard to follow your instinct? I believe possibly not .Just stand firm for every bloody thing you think is right ;if only you think is probably right for you & don’t you try snubbing every one encountering your way, you will get to prove your point but for that fathom the criticism that cringes you no matter what. Okay?? Got that?? So, just act wisely.”
Heart: “I know, I know, you just don’t need to hover over me alright? Gimme a minute, will you? To get this all settled in my constipated skull. I am a bit devastated at this very moment. What you are asking of me will take a bit of drill obviously; I ain’t a chameleon who changes color with moods please. You know they are so good at disguising themselves, astonishing, no? Okay you stop right there with such glare; I know, I am just trying to beat about the bush but you are so very honest & true about everything you just said. I didn’t know you were that thoughtful, you seemed a bit off guard always. Come hell or high water I ll fight for myself. I think I just figured out something. Yayee! Will get back to you later bbye & thanks.”


“I wish I knew when to quit,” she said catching her breath.

He answered taking in her sight, “Maybe, before melting me with your soul,”

Magical ( Smile & Stare)

Stare: “I can keep looking at you’re for hours, and never get bored… I don’t know why, I have to say this repetitively but, you deserve every ounce of it… Maybe, you don’t know the spell you generate with this glee on your face. I have loved your twinkling eyes from the very start. I didn’t know what made me so recklessly incurable but, you make me giddy with excitement and, I am happy you like staying, where you always belonged…Don’t you know that affect you have on me? I bet you don’t know otherwise; you would want these seldom-moments to last long…By the by, you’re contagious and, all in a good sense. Oh Shoot! One thing I forgot to mention not to grin all the time and, some might consider you a maniac gotten discharged from asylum recently… I am not sure what’s with me today; my odd laugh and chuckles, so please say something…”

Smile: “Goodness! I didn’t know that I had such an impact on you and, a good one again overwhelming indeed…See! Instead of gawking at me, you can also try beaming with glow and, I am not saying to be polite towards me only, but with others as well. You don’t know this gesture of kindness can ease all your worries and, make you feel a lot better. One more thing, it will not only fill you with contentment abandoning frown from brow but, others as well experiencing this pure joy. “

(I wrote this dialogue for my mom..I am not good with expressing how much I LOVE her smile but still I can keep on staring her and wishing these moments lasts forever)

Dialogue b/w Dream & Reality (Part-1)

Dream:  “I am tired of being jerked around all the time and guess what, who have torned them into pieces, all long it was none other than you.  I wish, I knew it, from the start. You! You!! Brutal obnoxious piece of shit. I am not even sorry for this blasphemy any more. Mind you! Before you start pointing out how bitter I am acting now, it’s solely because you have destroyed me with slow kill! Yeah! You indeed got succeeded in getting me away from my twins Love and Fantasy. Why don’t you call for a toast now? Don’t you dare smile at me with the entire venom still breathing in you? Everybody kept on telling me we can’t be together but then I was plain mad in getting enamored with your sugary chatters. Will you stay quiet, or need a punch to utter something before I lose my cool? Just be real with me just once.

Reality : Haha! I can’t stop laughing..Give me a moment to get in the trance. Look wait! Calm down! You are acting absurd and that’s now proven for sure, not even Galileo would doubt it. I can understand you like getting melodramatic but let me get this straight, I am sorry for all the hurt I caused you but this was just down to give you a push right. I don’t like them getting all perked up just because you like staying for short notice, and leave without delay. Once, you get in them you make them crave everything, which they never ever thought of, but then in a second, you lack the wisdom to motivate them to achieve something. That’s when I have to barge in, just so they keep on getting the reality checks. Now you ask me, why I separated you from Love and Fantasy? Because you were spoiling them, without even striving them to get a bit serious in real. Run in their veins like a blood, engulf them to strive hard to reach their target, try to indulge them with your staunch attributes, and when they’ll get past all the hurdles, all the cheers will be for you. But condition still remains firm ,staying for long is the only option get that.”