Soul sister..

Don’t you ever thank me

For all the calls I do in state of your plights

Trying to help you cope up with

The shenanigans you endured

In the hands of them.

Don’t you ever thank me

For listening to your venting when

I do know, you need to get this all out

Before it fills your stomach &

Suppress your appetite.

Don’t you ever thank me

For being impolite with my

Condescending tone of voice to make

Things straightened out before anything else

Falls out of place.

Don’t you ever thank me

Coz you have already done fair enough for me

Whereas a repay is never going be gracious

When I know a kind regard or gentle remainder

Of your sweetness owns no bounds.

(For the love of my cousin/soul-sister)



il_570xN.181859517It’s not simple, it’s not easy.

It takes a great amount of time.

It makes you question your abilities.

It’s what makes you focused.

It’s a blind fortune worth grasping.

It’s pragmatic but we consider it deceiving.

It demands attention like a seeker.

It makes us fussy for the future.

It smiles with affection for substantial.

It stimulates fears to become favored.

It’s like a charisma once discovered.

Its Stardust will give you wings.

Its requests you to surrender.

It’s a call to fame the jerked life.

It works you to save from ruin.

It’s there flaming in you with roars.

It you who need it, so listen close.

Embrace it with longevity to overcome depression,

Madness, hurt, pain, remorse.

You know what this stereo is?

It’s the key to peace called TRUST


Soul of discretion..

The dilemma getting an upper edge
In my brain was powered enough
To make me go hysterical for wanderlust
For a very long time;
The dreams kept selling me
In that forsaken world
Without giving any precept to , how
Will I able to achieve them;
The different tangled musings I was
Shackled in welcomed me to bare
My soul to that brain I got anxiety from;
The frenzy to get things in a haste
Was sabotaging the castle of forbearance
In me leaving it to rule in the clouds of
The terror in me to attempt the
Yearnings I long for were imprisoned
In a Jail of fatigued sense;
Now hypothesizing I believe
No matter what weary notions
I get in mind, I just have to surplus
Them to best myself in my own lunatic
Ways to get an empathy from brain
Which isn’t no longer discrete from me.



Devouring his presence to her fill,she couldn’t stomach the thought of getting that raw madness for someone else apart from him who just  striked her senses like that bolt of lightening causing ripples in her heart of thunder.That fierceness merged her as a soul totally bewitched in the shadows of his gait held captive by his demons.