Dialogue b/w Sun & Moon !

Moon :  “I believe I am over thinking a lot lately. Maybe, because they all keep on telling me, how ugly I am and how much they loathe my sight. They call me a pathetic excuse of an insane dark. Do you think it’s my fault? I just want them to be friends with experience and reality. Is it bad that I want the best to happen to them? You know how much I feel guilty when they shed tears from the pain I cause them, though it’s intentional but logically, sort of in best of their interests and then later I am pretty sure ,they ‘ll thank me but still…… “

Sun: “Just Relax! I promise to come back tomorrow with new bright morning and a better tomorrow, till then let your darkness bring out the best in them. Don’t blame your features blackness and shadow for causing sorrows and dismay all over. You know in your heart right?  You want them to learn from the ashes they have made of themselves, and rise like a phoenix. Give them time for adaptation in the world of fittest. If they are still weary from disgust leave them be, at the end it was them not you.

(Just don’t be afraid of darkness people.It can surely help us all sense the change in us”..So just take a chill and a deep breath :p )

Raise a glass!

Here time is passing by day after a day
All jinxed up in awe of mischief raising a
Glass to cheer the inner demon of hell being
Wooed with traits; miserly and cheap jumbled
Up cheering each other on the demise
Of humans taking a plunge to dig their
Own graves with such a callous attitude
Not even realizing that inside each of them
There is a beautiful treasure called heart
Who wants to let go of the handcuffs of
Greediness and burning ache of sins all
Devoid of sharing the wealth with others below
Not paying heed to Karma which will explode will
Such grudge painting regret all over your faces so
Just get a bit of generous and save a little for the ones
Below who need a bit of kindness and compassion of
Money to get over the pain and will make references to God
For your contentment and ease in this life and here after

If not for them!

The constant arrival of miseries
The daily sign of deceit
The never ending battle of words
The chaos of routine
The regret of doing good
The hope of a better tomorrow
The everyday feud and escape
The diversions of agony and bliss
But the long and love still there
Stays no matter how hassled the situations are
Because, for all disarrays in life
We should be fortunate enough
If not for them
We would have never been closer to God
As now we already are 🙂

Embrace the Fate!


Avoiding the inevitable is the most difficult thing happening to any of us. I myself have surrendered to his egoistic inevitable. No matter how much we try ,we can never getaway with the things that are meant to happen, and make us all fidgety with there arrival. The feeling before demise is so unnerving and scary, that it makes ones crawl under a puddle of mud. Yeah yeah! we know that we can’t get away with our problems ;we have to face them but, don’t you all feel like a warrior in a battlefield ready to face the prey? I wish we could get away with the feel of uneasiness alarming every fibre of our being. Just to be a little optimistic about this whole scenario for once, we can think of anything else to occupy our mind like,  daydreaming about future, though it’s vague and all fancy, but it does helps you get in depth of our dreams, or taking a peaceful nap and, telling yourself “we’ll see when time will come”. Time is the best healer I  think so; because for a while it makes us live an illusion.We all know that,  we  can’t stop mother nature from anything. God has planned everything for us, so we can relieve ourselves knowing, Somewhere in the sky God is there smiling and, letting us use all our silly tactics to calmdown and, have faith in Him with whatsoever the inevitable is ; because He has clearly mentioned that His love is way more generous than a total of  70 mothers. So ,I genuinely believe here definitely lies a point in believing in our fate , and become a staunch supporter of theory “Everything happens for the best “.I hope we can repent our panic attacks. Just have faith guys, and those who still can’t figure out then settled down for cleanliness of yourself because cleanliness is half the faith. Try to keep your self and surroundings clean.

Tada! 🙂


I don’t actually realize worth of anything unless it is snatched right away for me making me feel heartbroken and all gloomy. We all have faced such situations in our lives where we take things for granted. We really are so not thankful for the little blessings in our life that has contributed to our happiness.

Like I treat my spectacles so roughly trying to throw them or getting rid of them because at times I feel they are immortal, they never ever die they are so stubborn .But one time I remember my sister incidentally broken them and I was “Oh my God !Shoot! I won’t be able to see properly”.They make my world look beautiful and clear ,without them I certainly have no existence. Similarly,I don’t really bother about my laptop charger dropping it here and there and the next thing I know is that the battery isn’t working properly. I felt dependent borrowing laptops from other people but who cares as long as I as I write enthusiastically.

I wonder really such things matter so much. These little blisses always keeps adding joys in our lives which we always are so ungrateful for. We don’t even think these think matters.We are like “Yeah! When a time comes we ll get another one” but the tomorrow never comes.It rather makes us lethargic and weak ,wanting the things never changing a bit.

Although charger or spectacles can be replaced but Do we ever ponder that so called life we take for granted will that be given to us again? Will we ever be grateful to God for many heavenly gestures He has bestowed upon us ?Never! Because we are born selfish.

Health is such a bliss in its glory when we can what we want to eat without even given second thought to consequences of eating all the unhealthy stuff that deep inside we know we should avoid but who cares when a moment on the lips we believe will stay forever on lips.Then we forget the inevitable sickness. Sickness can be a Cough,Flu,Diarrhea or anything not particularly severe. It still makes us feel so helpless .We can’t feel like doing anything rather we lighten out our hearts by cursing blames or being unreason for no God damn reason because deep down we know “GoodLord! What a blessing health is and we have been treating it worth a shit”. Health is such a bliss that in an instant it can make a person feel aimlessly low or thrillingly high. We never can do justice to health because we never thank God for such a beautiful blessing without which our lives is completly baseless.

Lets all take a plege and thankGod daily for this miraculously blessing making us want to do wondrous things in our lives,fulfilling our dreams.Yess! indeed if not for this blessing we won’t never dream to achieve milestone in our life we wish to achieve someday. See I am writing because I am in a good health and want to write a blog but few days go I hated writing because I wasn’t feeling well .I didn’t feel like doing anything because I missed not having my healthy vibrant self .I wish to thank God daily for this beautiful bliss called health which makes me want to aspire big.Amen 🙂

Do let me know your reviews and see if you relate to it.


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I lack in judgments. I always like always assume the best or the worst in people.Its like the two extremities that I blindly follow.This is like making me the saint or the sinner in front of people.Why would I lie when I say that people opinion don’t bother me? Actually they do and hate my self for depending on them for each minor or major selections.Anyways judging others came from my emotional wrecked heart.People can do whatever that want whether they bitch lot,expose themselves or act like crazy bonkers. I always question my self why do I have to judge them ? I ain’t a saint…Who am I too question them and why do I care lot. It’s like the sudden ripple of waves start emerging from inside from my brain and hitting me till I state the obvious..I really did  opinion-ate and then the infinite guilty pleasures throbbing me ever since I judge. Telling me “See the person you judged is complete opposite to what you imagined” and I have that dig-in-the-grave-bury-myself-in-it feel making me feel ashamed of what sort of person I am .Who exactly has given me the write to judge them? I haven’t gotten any certificate or authorization from God (God forbid) to judge people So why I start blaspheming when I see things are not always accordance to my likes? I question my self and then got the answer that loathed my being.The answer was I am just a worthless piece of shit God created , bestowing His miraculously blessing knowing that I keep on sinning and He keeps on giving, I knew that I am purposely doing this judging things to please my aimless being.I had to stop this.It’s like NOW or NEVER for me. I have to be in front of Allah Almighty in the judgement day and I know I couldn’t face him because of my bad deeds.Already my sack of backbiting,not thanking God enough for His Big Heart when every time it comes to giving,loving and sharing is full. I want to drown in my own pool of deeds knowing exactly that what I deserve.But before its to late I just want to make an OATH to please God not to judge. 🙂