Free Style Writing Challenge – TIME

Thank you so much Gaurav for the free writing challenge .I enjoyed writing it & though I am famous for my excessive randomization so just ignore it in the post (Its quite evident) 😛

I don’t wanna know
When that time will
Come that will heal the broken
Spaces in me but for
Now I know it’s not the right time
It’s over everything ,we had, we shared
I shouldn’t have been guilty now
It’s to late even for me to call for you
I don’t know how will I imagine anyone else
Filling that space that once belonged to you
I am all scared to my wits to wonder
Will anybody ever look me as fiercely & possessively like you did?
Will anybody smile make me knee-melted like yours did?
Will I ever feel the same love for anyone else like I did for you?
I guess probably not
I am numb with redemption
I don’t want to revive that time
Making me all disgusted in front of you
I want those memories back where I could hear you
Making me laugh with your sweet parodies,
Your extravagance, your care, your passion
I want that all back
I want you, your presence,your fragrance, your touch,
All of you only for me
I give a damn I’m considered mean but
Whatever I had it was for you only
And I am just a fool to let you go
I had once loved you like I never did anybody
I just don’t wanna know
When the time will come
What’s left in me right now
Are probably the tears dried to heal the broken spaces in me 

Time: 8 min & Words: 247