Such a strong word
Hidden with the depth of
Hundred of guesses
Some likely to be bring joy
While some await to
Bring in chaos to
Already perplexed life
Trying to shock with
Turn of events beyond
Horizon of mind distracted
Previously with nervousness of
Experiences still fresh with
Wounds nagging to suffocate
Breath with ferocity that
Hardens the earlier
Worry lines making them
More obvious to deal with
whatsoever without backing out
In this play of circumstances
Showing effects of vintage
Spring again or a monochrome
Cloud of cringing
Pain going away
Only with fading bruises
Done to make peace with
Which were once happily
Greeted for smile on faces &
Lighten-hearts enveloped in sweetness
To embrace whole heartily the
Blessings of the moment with
Ample more basis to stay in
Glory of the