Silent secret!

All I want for you is to not mind

The meddling done in your business

I know you aren’t of that sort to

Poke a noise in anybody whatsoever affair

But that isn’t how it goes every time

You have to just not mind it at all

There might be an easy way to stop

All the meddles, all the bull crap

By trying to retaliate

Will it give you the peace of mind

It won’t, it never actually does

No wonder it’s a wrong choice

As they say it

Deep side you know it hurts

To be a victim of baseless wrath

It just sours the mood

Leaving sufferings and pains

Nothing uplifts the spirits

You just walk away

Avoiding is a karma

It comes to knock you off, you have

Face it, deal with it,embrace it

Be silent

No more word just a sound of silence

Silence is a weapon

An answer – a justifying one

Breathe & do it

You have won yourself a battle indeed. .


Tongue overdose


You don’t even know yet

What harm it can do to you

You just try to slip it in

Causing troubles for all you care

You seem to be despicable & blind

Warned out already with frustration

Nothing can never seem to fall in place

Can’t you just see?

Open your eyes once in for all

Wider & wiser you will be

If only you see the cons

Still you don’t get the clue

What I am talking about

You’re nonchalant aren’t you ?

That it is your tongue 

Which keep on wagging

Makes you keep on bragging

Shooting dangers with very shot

A big shot or a small shot

A deed done is done

No looking backwards

Words can’t be taken back

A sorry still won’t suffice

A tongue speaks volumes

It can be cut short or

Loose to be long

And this ain’t for sure elastic

We can toy with it often

If we believe to have an ounce of care

Not to cause hurt irrationally to dear ones

Just give it a rest to stay intact

Because it has power to cause rifts

Within a second of it’s moves

So that’s why learn to see what

You are about to say is

Correct, Relevant, Advantageous

Keep conversations sane & calm

Tongues when outraged are contagious

Causing havoc leaving regrets & guilts

For the rest of our lives.

Automatic disgrace…


It even gets harder everytime to ponder how things you failed to confront start becoming loose ends strangled in catastrophe of moments.Getting settled in this bubble of world can only burst when our soul sails towards the bonvoyage of death.Mortality needs no disguise when its obvious effects starts overshadowing us in situations we try damn best to avoid-As awkward as it gets with the storm of our sins pouring on the ones we happily chattered behind our backs; just in a blink of an eye the happy times steal away the few moments of comfort welcoming hellfire to our minds dwelling in flames with every addition of charcoal.Alas! the bliss vanishes with flames warning to never play with fire.”