Journal #2

That beat in her heart is no longer alive ; It’s died or maybe,somewhere lost in the depth of an ocean, deep down thoroughly stitched with sorrows, and expectations of a world,where every pulse is recorded, measured to a level of perfection . Perhaps, who cares about that died beat, it was meant to be there,found,and brought to display in the monument of wagers,eager to lock it away,in a matter of seconds, after witnessing a little thumping,bringing in a little escapade for a perfect end to the beat allowed to breathe happily hereafter, if not here.


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Journal #1

I realized something’s are better left unsaid; my love for you has grown in heaps in this life span of mine, where I am just a human who dreams about you and, your happiness. You don’t need to feel the same way. I have come a long way surviving without you, your existence, your stories, your memories, your goals, your wishes. Maybe, it was right for you to leave early, without say a goodbye to me in person, but still I wish you knew, what were you to me; an idol and my only shelter.