“Going through purgatory wasn’t for you. My mind didn’t go bland to woo you with my will for purification. It happened in the lightest of moments where my mind contemplated. The staccato pulses in my veins shuddered with ill conceived notions; I had to let the interruptions fade away to welcome the delight of desires. ”
Izza ifzaal
creation by MUA .


Gripping my hand

In unison I tried

Not to flinch

Slashing my nails in

Fist to forget about

Where these lines

Imprinted on my palms

Were heading.

My momentary struggles

To read a secret

Clue in these lines

Did nothing

To pause

The oscillatory

Rhythm of life.

Instead it

Ended up

Hypnotizing my

Conscience to

Believe in the good

Written in these lines.

Reassuring me to

Forget about curiosity

Fumbled up in me &

For a change

Acknowledge the blind future

With open arms of


Vowing me not to

Glance back

At fortune-hunters

Bribing to sabotage

The already crippled

Relation with the

Supreme power

Who always have

The best of plans

For us.

Provided we have

The patience to

Endure the

Wait to gain

The best.