Hey you!

Hey you! I think you didn’t

Notice the buzz making me

have an adrenaline rush to

get to see you.

Hey you! Still there clogging

Me to be a lass all grown up

In a prime time to get my

eyes on you.

Hey you! Triggering my anger

With your prickle trying to

Barge in my land with your

Sight all mesmerizing.

Hey you! Must be grinning like

A sadist all pleased and eager

To give up the innocence

Of a teenage.

Hey you! Bold Aphrodite of the

Millennium lost in the raven

World filled with sham and rage.

Hey you! Freaking kidding me

When you say you don’t beguile me

As Croesus with the difference of

Awe and surprise.

Hey you! Dealing with you

Seems like a tough deal

But long ago I vowed to

Keep myself with the flow

Hey you! Riped me in

shreds being what it is

like to be you.

Hey you! thank you

for making me realize

you are a misery who

loves company.

Hey you! Yeah you!

My twenties ,my better half

For some time now! Screw you!

 (P.S: Dedicated to this age of “Twenties” )