You See!!


You see my Lifestyle
Yet you see me frown my brow
You see my unthankfulness
Yet you see me glow
You see my attire
Yet you see me scarce
You do see me destitute
Yet you see me lavish
You fail to see my dismay
Yet you see me rattle
You see to ignore my insight
Yet you wonder about my fright
You do see me glim and glam
yet you despise my fumble and tumble
You act aloof about my forgery
Yet you know this is all charity
You better know than the rest, this is a camouflage
Yet you remain to be obstinate
You see to know my forlorn agony
Yet you appear to feign morality
You know I wish to bring you joy
Yet you fail to see me wretched
You know I pray we be affable
Yet you oath to be irrationable