Peaceful surrender

Night is black velvet
Illuminated in starlight
Rain falling like pebbles
Ground a muddy rug
Sea filled with moon
Sand warming my feet
Silence echoing
Sitting with disheveled hair
Blurred about surroundings
No more perturbed thoughts
Bland romance of routine
Giddy in tranquility
Razing it in mind
Savoring the rare moment
Gazing at peaceful surrender
Of sea & moon
Owl hawling in haze
Blending in with night
Reminiscing sweet events
Chagrin replaced with bliss
Continuing  to relish
I loved every moment
Filled in euphoria

Ails my heart

Better castoff the scene
Rewinding in backend
Of your futile mind
It is ludicrously sailing
Like a tide in infinite
Horizon of your mind
Like a callous
Formed ruefully
Hurts like a devil’s incarnate
Disdain on your face
Fastforwards in a gush
Your notions to keep it as bay
Is rendered speechless
When it strikes again
Cornering you in plight
Shaking fits of realism
Casting it aside is no way
To ail your heart
When it’s filled in
Sensations of blistering aches.


Winters played beethoven
Fog caressing
Nature pinched
Redness on my cheeks
Coffee nibbled my tongue
Dawning overcoat
I took drugy steps
Letting wait prolong
Getting rid of bun
My hair lose like strings
I saw him standing
His back to me
Wearing his fav tracksuit
Jet black hair like raven
Freshly cut & trimmed
His cologne sparked
Unexpectedly finding him
Searching my gaze
Warmth awakened me
Unraveling love
Filled in the breaths.

Enforced patchups. .

Distance for some
Act an Aphrodite
Lovers bond more
Grow more fonder
Realizing the worth
Sensing remiss in life
While for some
Leaves you in qualm
Arouse suspisions
Makes you loathe
Patchups sound enforced
Rejuvenile spirits lack
Transient flash of smiles
Prolong it you fake it
High on life is awkward
When you need some
Dusk to abstain remarks.

Master of your fate

Expressions are like auctions
More rage they portray
More is the bidding
Public eye appraisals
Scrutinizing their fill
Forget about being privy
Letting your guards down
You’re in the market
Naming your cause
Vulnerability isn’t appreciated
Cloak of seclusion buttoned down
Spectators ogle you
If bitter regret falls on your lap
Disavow it asap
Master of your fate
Shaking hands with ton
Might be entertaining
On verge of risking your privacy

Into fire…

Grave danger wasn’t hate
Flickering in his eyes
Like a sprain in neck
Or waylay of words
Crispy, hot & spicy
It was his blunt love
Affection to the core
Surpassing her stoic heart
Peeling it all away
Layer by layer
Turning ice into fire
Honoring her like
Air redolent of spring
If only he knew
She rhapsodized it for weeks.

Air of deception. ..

His embezzling
Didn’t involve money
It was sacrilegious
Twisted form of love
Cloyingly sentimental
Like a viscous glue
Slipping out of her reach
It was the freed
Squabbling with the cage
To be ridden
Fom his phony smile
Constant embezzlement
Knocked her off the ground
Savoring the glint of hope
Daydreams became lucid
To steal the thunder
Capture some moonlight
Cause a riot
To escape the anguish
More she tried the breakaway
More she got tipsy with denial.

May I have a word ?

If words were threads
I could clasp them shut
Wrap them in a box
Place them in a dungeon
Of a down town alley
Where no one could salvage
Let alone find them
Nursing a tender for them
Was a trifle chance now
When they aren’t even loyal
To stifle in delicacies
Of prime situations.
If words were a sting
I would sugarcoat
Dip them in a fudge
Make them pleasant
Let them gnarl attention
For not revoking outrage
Cajole them for not
Succumbing into temptation
To snarl or scoff back.

Bedeviling a sting

You’re that bruise which isn’t transparent ,which isn’t dirty and bloched. I won’t call you hideous because you are not a jagged scar inflamed on my body. You are whole lot of a different case – a bruise that subconsciously dominates my whole body effortlessly, my pulses start throbbing. I don’t need to be visceral to know the minutiae of own body. The scent of this bruise jolts me up to alert it’s fissure, even if I don’t want to acknowledge it.¬† It still has the audacity to render me numb, desolated and lost. That faceless torment has nerve to awake each vein in my body. .Shuddering from head to toe it’s vain to keep getting the bruise not infuriated. It’s periodic interruptions makes me despise the air I breath in and somehow I let it carter to my preferences.

Favorite Illusion!

She let herself fall
Fall in the air
Amidst colony of clouds
Passing by in haste
Heavens above grinned
Water droplets besotted
Weightless union with sky
Tittered in delight
Winds disheveled her composure
Rugged breaths quickening
Adrenaline stimulating spirits
Tonic was the ambiance
Thumping her into life
No care for inhibitions
She felt like a libertine
Relishing the freedom
Voices quivered in her head
Embracing the tranquility
Opening her eyes eyeing
Herself in bed ,she sighed
Dreaming of her favorite illusion