I wish I were there…

I wish I were there
Not to wince watching you
Disappear in shadows with
Baggage of your problems…

I wish I were there
You could rely upon when
Venting about your
Worrisome-troubles convinced
You to give up…

I wish I were there
To assist you with
Your medications, your
Destitution, your thirst,
Your aches, your health, your

I wish I were there
To own a jackpot or a
Lottery to vanish your dark circling
Enlarging day by day along with the
Frowns on your brow…

I wish I were there
To rent you a place to live, to
Afford your education, to you give you
Work, to pay you a handsome wage, to
Buy a chair for you to sit, to gift you a cooler
In summers, to lend you water, to moves
Stones from your way, to give you a hand
While crossing a path…

I wish I were there
Acting as a stimulator to aspire
You to strive hard without your
Psyche to conquer your fears…

I wish I were there
To treat you with a cake
On your success buying you
Presents hoping to make your

I wish I were there to
Launch a salon to get you
A makeover just to see
Smile on your face with new
Look, new beginning, new enthusiasm
Going apt with your humble

I wish I were there
When God punished
Those low lives who
Treated you brutally, hit you,
Blamed you, disowned you, with
Disrespect, loathe not for
Once considering what’s to be
In your shoe…

I wish I were there
To applaud you for your
Struggle, your right choice, for
Your humane nature, your faith,
Your loyalty, your honesty, your dedication…

I wish I were there
To learn how you eat the
Left over food without wasting,
How to regard the clothes you own,
How you are grateful even after so much
Misery in your life…

I wish I were there
To show them how kindness is not
Confined just by giving away money in the name
Of a display but with a generous heart,
Good deed, a good gesture, good smile,
Good attitude, good greeting to the
Ones who have lost track of such
Gentleness in the cruelty of this world.

(Author’s Note :I believe its never too late to help all the people out there who need us in our lives..Maybe, not for money but for kindness & I have seen many having attitude & loud voice problems ..Please Just try to act sensible & help them in any way possible with your goodness of heart ..Last but not the least, the feeling of contentment we ‘ll get will be divine for sure :) )

….Yet again….

  • Yet again she was busy cursing her
    fate for all the shit that has been
    happening to her or somewhere and every
    where not going in synchronization
    with what she had desired for long but
    yet again the high time came unannounced
    as a mandatory lesson not at all crossing
    her mind when she saw her owner asking to help
    her son sit in taxi where she was taking him for
    the check up, making her all blood drenched and
    fidgety with no way to back off now, reminiscing
    the long chats of her mates telling her about his
    condition from the very start knowing that he wasn’t like
    the normal kids ,always had been locked up his room for
    his disability to talk or walk but yet again she
    had no guts ever to interact with him because
    deep down she could not face the bitter reality
    of such misfortune in that young lad’s life but
    yet again the turn of events made her see him all
    Helpless with a long sigh and numbness about the
    torment of getting in the taxi, But yet again
    he was all ready and seated after bit of strain,
    Gone in a rush making her stay there and feel
    the disgust and pity for her black soul
    with tears running down her cheek ending in
    a pin drop silence of self loathe but yet again
    what she wished at that time was for the
    Earth to swallow her in ,for all the frustrating
    ride her mind had been, failed to see the bliss
    of the perfect body and features forming her
    Deranged mind to give shit to everything but
    again not ever considering about how fortunate she is though
    For everything ,when some crave to have it but yet again
    She recklessly ignored from the start!

A Sphere of Friendship….!

That phase of life made her scared
From the envious and cunning Earth
Making her want to stay away from everyone
Because she had heard somewhere before
They are your worst enemies
Will eat every bit of you with vindication
Observing why are all in vain to have them
Making her suspicious and mysterious
Of this sacred bond of friendship which
Had nothing to offer other than animosity
But sooner or later she found herself
Entangled in this web, breathing life
Giving her a chance to experience this meaning of attachment
Compelling her to omit all the odds and letting
Her open eyes and just see there are great minds
Thinking like her, searching for her
Without even asking something in return because
She realized that balance is restored
Nobody can end up having all bad days or all good days
Sometime it’s dawn and sometimes it’s dusk
And what matters at the end of the day is this bond
Comforting you in dread of times coping up
With everything with this tad bit of sphere called friendship

You See!!


You see my Lifestyle
Yet you see me frown my brow
You see my unthankfulness
Yet you see me glow
You see my attire
Yet you see me scarce
You do see me destitute
Yet you see me lavish
You fail to see my dismay
Yet you see me rattle
You see to ignore my insight
Yet you wonder about my fright
You do see me glim and glam
yet you despise my fumble and tumble
You act aloof about my forgery
Yet you know this is all charity
You better know than the rest, this is a camouflage
Yet you remain to be obstinate
You see to know my forlorn agony
Yet you appear to feign morality
You know I wish to bring you joy
Yet you fail to see me wretched
You know I pray we be affable
Yet you oath to be irrationable

That Hawww Moment!!

Screenshot_2015-01-02-01-10-45-1Pretty much encounters in our lives make us all Oh-My-God-haw-that’s-wasn’t-suppose-to-happen.These awkward scenarios can never make peace with us, until death tear us apart :p.I love narrating my oopsi moments, because it’s good listening that I am not that the lone survivor of hell and damnation, people do experience such demeaning bliss.For example, personally, I loathe oogling my friends message; it’s like the forbidden-understood-theory,because glare of a friend in a relationship is enough to rip you in shreds. But who can blame the obvious right? When by chance you sneak a peak at their messages , and though you act all quacky getting a glimpse for the inner demon’s peace ; but the embrassing look on a friend’s face is worth it, and doing the exaggerated  hawwww at that moment just spice the notch.I love doing hawws hayees particularly at that moment ,Maybe, the message details aren’t sordid but who cares as long as it is a frivolous prank.

The other day I read about Groaking; which means expecting somebody to offer food when they are eating. I think we all groak momentarily, but the haw moment comes when somebody doesn’t offer or don’t give a fig to share, because apparently they are misers ,or you have an evil eye that will make their food stuck in the throat but groaking rules I think are grounded to friends only; because if they don’t share,we prefer attack-and-snatch-away theory and have fun.

The worst haw moment utterly mortifying for me was, when I was my best bud strolling around my department, and I saw progenies of my new-found-friendship; I gleefully eyed them to notice me ,so that  I could greet them ,but they passed by as if I didn’t  exist and bingooo adding a fuel to the fire was none other then my best bud jesting and laughing her arse  off, that horrendous moment was my big time haw moment:p

Author’s Note : Do tell me your  haw moments.I hope  they are better then mine and I would love to read your views.

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A Forever Debt!


We interact with so many people around us .Categorically some like to socialize while others are bit too introvert to speak .Maybe, they’re busy in their own little circle and don’t like intruding, whereas some like to be meddled in. Me, I am the latter one who doesn’t give a damn about having my privacy invaded. I like being solicitous and welcoming to people around me. However, I still am averted to narcissists and like maintaining a distance of miles from them because that’s how they like to be treated; with grumpiness and seclusion. I truly believe in like-minds-think-alike-theory. we become friends with people who talk ,act or think like us. That’s why whenever a problem pops up in our lives; this people make sure they advise and help us get through the reality bit turmoils.

I am that sort of a person who is dependent on a friend’s advice, their guidance being right there for me every time I need it. But somewhere in life, I really thought they don’t know enough world, there is something missing in their approach to being a Mentor. It was really a kind of a naggy feeling, I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. Nonetheless, they chaperoned me in my strenuous times but they surprisingly lagged way behind in-league-to-worldliness as compared to my grandma.

Older people are without a doubt paragon of practicality and courage. They can play a pivotal role in reforming us, considering teenage is a sort of age where we all suffer from severe ADD (Attention deficient disorder). Instead of paying heed to their consultations ,we are busy fantasizing about God knows everything; from being brought up in a luxurious life style to elite class clothing to brands to novelish heroes and what not. But twenties I affirm is a bit of a drill for everyone, it’s when reality hits hard; shaking us to awake from the shackles of fairyland. Yupp!!!!Twenties is a decade of maturity, sanity and guidance. I would genuinely agree to it because it was when I really wanted to tune up myself, and to hear stories from my grandmother about her childhood, and how they learned so much about life. Whenever, I had holidays or luckily when my grandmother use to come in summers, I wished she prolonged her visit so that she could stay with us, to teach me about the expertise of life. Her sermons held a power to bide in my head. She was like

      “You should always have an optimistic approach, learn to be a good listener,Be tolerant and patient.Stay faithful when you have nothing left to do and God won’t deprive you”.

The other person that helped see me life in a new perspective was my aunt .I used to visit her in holidays. We rarely interacted, but she always insisted and I wanted to keep in touch with her. Though, I absolutely loathe communication gaps because they start injecting you with negative vibes which are honestly bizarre and absurd. I loved the way she always enthusiastically narrated me about her upbringing, her defying streak, retaliating every situation with open-mindedness, humor and valor. She still unfolds her blasts-from-past moments and literally give me laughing fits. It is good to know she is there for me but what I learned from her peculiarly was

                    “Every person has good and bad points, if that particular person has messed with you and has treated you roughly in his crucial time; stay calm and collective, and remember he/she  was the one who was a good friend to  you and don’t forget their positive deeds and learn to accept that there was time when a person is having a low phase,accept it  and move on ,and don’t react negatively .Don’t ever take things for granted .Thank God for what he bestows upon you and learn to value people more than you value things.”

Let’s accept it we all are seekers of love, care and affection. As long as we are getting it we are grateful but when it is missing its painful .Although, my mother helped me a lot being a better person; I am who I am of her. I love her to depth for being my confidant and bestest friend but my aunt and grandmother played a stupendous role in my character building, for which i am in there forever debt.

Authors Note:Try for once getting close with your elders. I hope they will help you to rectify your mistakes and help you make a better person to live in this strange wild world. Let’s aspire to inspire 🙂

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Such propriety in our Lifestyle!

I am a Pakistani basically, a typical Punjabi.The life style of a Punjabi  exhibit their love of food.I am glad to be brought up in a family where already my parents where Foodaholics. Cooking is like the most important chore for my mother.The first thing she likes to do every morning is to plan which meal to prepare for a day.

We have this ritual that whenever anybody is invited to our place,my mother makes sure they eat to their fill.Ordinarily all the dinning table is filled with variety of foods.The mere majestic site of all the platters served primarily for guests makes them feels welcomed,honored and delighted. People here in our society think that serving extravagantly are essential norms.Actually the backdrop lies where people start scrutinizing their friends on the basis of how much food they are    serving. Remorsefully,I was one of those people who did measure friends on this scale.Whenever I used to visit my friends,occasionally after spending a whole afternoon with them.I anticipated to be treated in a highness manner with them serving my tray with different sort of dishes.But what I would get for lunch was rather a coke or a sandwich. You ‘ll be imagining me misty eyed but Nahh! Rather I thought “Whattt! that’s it! Come on we have been chattering the whole day and what I get is just a sandwich”.My conscious replied: Yoo baby! that’s what you are gonna get,stop being a whiny chic and eat what you have got otherwise stay famished till the rest of the day.After coming home, guess what the first thing that pops to my mommy head is “what your friend served you”.I eventually stated the obvious because see I can’t hide any thing from her.She can detect that devilish grin on my face any moment.Deep inside you know how mothers always see through you,My Maa being a generous hostess always quotes that “a person mannerism and etiquette is showed by how well they serve or treat you.”

But I questioned myself what if some people don’t actually know being a hostess.They already are so preoccupied with everything going on in their minds and lives.Either personal life is great or professional life is bland.Maybe they don’t know the ways to serve well.They should be guided to this being-a-good-host-world.

I begin keeping derogatory remarks to myself. I realized to invite them over often and see how it is done. Yeah! i am smart right! I know 😛 My friends who didn’t know the ways of proper hostess started inviting me over.They persuaded me to come because they didn’t want to feel bad of coming over to my place devouring all stuff. That’s how I visited them again, they started serving enjoyable well.The hospitality does matter. I think it shows how much effort you are putting in to make others feel at home 🙂