Constant whirlwind of moods

Different battles against ego

Random struggles with the day

Humans perplexed with truth

Nervousness of treachery

Fidgeting hands with shivers

Merry-go-around chase of fate

Daily cries of your heart out

Stagnant role rehearsals

Nobility among rare

Power in words of a layman

Repetitive discussions of trespassing

Blurred future of truce

Apoplexy from double standards

Flowing war of stares

Twisted tricks of an old-school

Ricocheting food for thought

Are all examples of everything

Blindfolded with regard


His Only….!

Behind the curtains

Of his iceberg heart

Cold and brutish was

A fragile soft spot

Entangled, allowing

His only love

To open it with

Tenderness &

Courage to conceal his

Anger with a blush not

Letting the outside world

To utter a word against the

Very one who had ruled her

Heart with just a smile

At the first sight.


Reborn to

Compose myself

Was hardest thing

I ever did but

Gladly I became a person

Not giving a rat’s ass

About whatsoever, only

Myself deserving to be

Loved forever & always.


Reborn to

Believe in my ability

To dive in the

Repetitive cycle of

Chaos to emerge as

A champion was a

Gutsy initiative.


Reborn was an

Incarnate taking hold of

My pulsating nerves trying

Surrendering to tensions

Bombarded with smoke.


Reborn was just another

Try to succeed in the

Race of time ticking

With unpredictability

To evaluate the new me.


Piercing into myself..

Piercing into myself
I saw an ugly heart there now
Looking straight into my eye not
Breaking contact
Silently corresponding
Thousand of unheard thoughts
Pointed directly at me to speak up
Once in my own defense
Only once I could hear my conscience
Whispering into my ear to
Whimper, exhale and blurt it
All out in a go to clear the air.

Piercing into myself
I saw disheveled hair
In the mirror absorbed
In irony of dust relentlessly
Playing with them was
Just a distraction to overlook
The eye bags painting a
Sight of exhaustion still
Leaving imprints on me every
Single day to reminisce that
Bad done in the name of
A good.

Piercing into my myself
I could get lost
In blurred vision of
Smiles tingling me
Despite all the bantering
Done as usual part of
A daily snack that was
Mandatory after every meal
Of the day.

Piercing into myself
I could  hear heartbeats
Fluctuating with
Felony of time
Embracing me
To dodge & fly away
From sycophants
Crusading my
Every move.

Piercing into myself
I rubbed my temples
In circlish motions to
Get some solace
From echoes
Colliding in my sanctuary
To intrude my mind
With feign worries of

Piercing into myself

I tired puking out
All the turmoil
Burning me with aching
Fire to fight the vindictive
Vendetta of evil leaving me
Breathing & pure.

I wish I were there…

I wish I were there
Not to wince watching you
Disappear in shadows with
Baggage of your problems…

I wish I were there
You could rely upon when
Venting about your
Worrisome-troubles convinced
You to give up…

I wish I were there
To assist you with
Your medications, your
Destitution, your thirst,
Your aches, your health, your

I wish I were there
To own a jackpot or a
Lottery to vanish your dark circling
Enlarging day by day along with the
Frowns on your brow…

I wish I were there
To rent you a place to live, to
Afford your education, to you give you
Work, to pay you a handsome wage, to
Buy a chair for you to sit, to gift you a cooler
In summers, to lend you water, to moves
Stones from your way, to give you a hand
While crossing a path…

I wish I were there
Acting as a stimulator to aspire
You to strive hard without your
Psyche to conquer your fears…

I wish I were there
To treat you with a cake
On your success buying you
Presents hoping to make your

I wish I were there to
Launch a salon to get you
A makeover just to see
Smile on your face with new
Look, new beginning, new enthusiasm
Going apt with your humble

I wish I were there
When God punished
Those low lives who
Treated you brutally, hit you,
Blamed you, disowned you, with
Disrespect, loathe not for
Once considering what’s to be
In your shoe…

I wish I were there
To applaud you for your
Struggle, your right choice, for
Your humane nature, your faith,
Your loyalty, your honesty, your dedication…

I wish I were there
To learn how you eat the
Left over food without wasting,
How to regard the clothes you own,
How you are grateful even after so much
Misery in your life…

I wish I were there
To show them how kindness is not
Confined just by giving away money in the name
Of a display but with a generous heart,
Good deed, a good gesture, good smile,
Good attitude, good greeting to the
Ones who have lost track of such
Gentleness in the cruelty of this world.

(Author’s Note :I believe its never too late to help all the people out there who need us in our lives..Maybe, not for money but for kindness & I have seen many having attitude & loud voice problems ..Please Just try to act sensible & help them in any way possible with your goodness of heart ..Last but not the least, the feeling of contentment we ‘ll get will be divine for sure :) )