A toss (Fear & Win)

“You know what, the hardest thing in life is to face your fears,
  you can’t  just walk away from them no matter how much you
  feel at ease .I know you have a corner in the back of your
  mind trying to hide it .You never want to meet that side of yours
  like never ever but still that side comes in the dead silence to shake
  you up in dread of time leaving sweat stains all over your body to
 embrace that awful moment ,its too late to even step back to see anyone by
 you side, there is no one at the time, it’s just you & that fear battling
 to end this game.You have to stop stammering ,just step ahead &
 look straight into the eyes with such a stamina not losing your self
                 control,try faking some strength without flinching &
                 with those few stares you have indeed won yourself a battle.”

Izza Ifzaal