Between the shackles of

Fury & rage which keeps pricking to

Get an increment in my temperament

At seldom times

Causing a midway despair;

I fail to yell out aloud

All those reasons which trouble me

Somewhat I prefer keeping all shit to myself will do good, no?

But it kind of aggravates the already fumed scenarios

Which remain still like an unsolved mystery because I

Still don’t blurt them all out…

Hurrah! That’s me…

I should try, no?

I try again to fail miserably at expressing

Coz I don’t feel anything at all to express at that particular time.

& that’s how it goes but at times my few rants help to stop

All squeaks & screeches from everywhere &

Decrement starts like smoke cools down from fire place

After an exhaust is turned on, that’s how I ‘ll exemplify

My vain efforts, they just turn productive wow!

Phew! That was it for today! Thanks for reading 😛