“Going through purgatory wasn’t for you. My mind didn’t go bland to woo you with my will for purification. It happened in the lightest of moments where my mind contemplated. The staccato pulses in my veins shuddered with ill conceived notions; I had to let the interruptions fade away to welcome the delight of desires. ”
Izza ifzaal
creation by MUA .


Strolling down the pathway

Leading to the gateway of imaginations

All in the glory of fame embracing the

Wanderer of caress to enter the door

Searching for the clouds of acknowledgment

Cheerfully ricocheting sounds of esteemed ovations

Heartily welcoming the wanderer to reside in this oblivion

Where a toast is beginning to start the celebrations

Of the arrival of the wanderer in their sky called chaperon

Giddy with the spring of fearlessness and assurance sniffing

Air of paradise among them and congratulating on the

Prosperity of the wanderer!

A tale.!!

Intrigue with precept
Precept with a thrill
A Thrill with beauty
Beauty with stains
Stains but a stare

A stare with gaze
Gaze with hope
Hope with a measure
A measure with a wave
A wave but an edge

An edge with warrant
A warrant with no bail
A bail of forgery
Forgery worth condemn
A condemn with furry
A furry but an end

An end with redemption
Redemption of reality
A reality with rust
Rust with figments
Figments with a fiction
A Fiction but a tale