Bitter Sweet Symphony!

In a bitter sweet symphony of looks
stood a Shy smile struck in awe of
your silhouette there all in the
prime at the corner of the wall
unaware of the tickling sensation
you were causing with a mere
presence all suited up with the
aroma of BVLGARI so exquisite
swaying along with your striking
eight of 6’3’’ still busy with the
endless rambling unconscious of
that Shy smile giddy to have an eye
lock just to take a good
memory in a tiresome function
surrounded with guests all eager
to get their hands on entrees
and platters of food dying to
eat with insatiable appetite not
intriguing her to join the tables
with the rest devouring every bit
as its gonna be the last day on
the earth making her laugh at her
obscene thoughts still exasperated
giving up hope of the encounter
not happening anytime soon yet a
sudden nudge from a friend
whispering her the turn of events
and his stare locked on her for
seconds escaping only before she
turned her head towards his direction
looking mortified not even guessing
that this intentional stare did actually
made her day! 

Hopelessly Screwed!

I have never ever experienced love sort of a thing in my life. I always considered infatuation as love though I have forgotten the count of my infatuation history.It goes way back when I was a teenager. I was infatuated by tall and handsome guys.I always thought nothing’s gonna brew because firstly I am gutless and second of all my self respect.I can’t act around as a weak smitten kitten ready to grab a cheesy meat.I have to show some morals.Though eye contact is a dangerous,very dangerous but a lovely thing but that’s wrong.Sometimes I know we can’t blame our selves for the unintentional eye-locks but Good Lord! The intentional ones make a person giddy and jittery at the same time.So I thought I had to stop my easily-mesmerized-by-God-knows-how-many-fellows feel and try to be oblivious..But there ain’t denying that  still I am helpless with infatuations.I am in my early twenties and now the bizarre things in my mind have taken  a tangent turn wanting me to consider that “He might be into me” or “He might be committed“.Then all of a sudden I start having a creepy feeling that I want nobody to be interested in me, though the thought if me falling for somebody is good but It surely gives me a heartache when I see any creepy loser ogling me, giving me baseless notions. So “he is into me” is just omitted for my list and the one left “he might be committed” makes me a lovesick mourning person yapping like there is no tomorrow :p. Basically infatuation is not for me because it will make me hopeless in love beyond repair.