You had my isolation

You had my tongue zipped

You had my back

You had my resignation to fight

You had my undivided attention

You had my belief

You had my future

You had my reputation in tatters

You had my frightening done

You had my slow death

You had my life bruised

You had my everything


-You had my soul burn in regret

To be fated with you in the first place

P.s: Life is a gamble. It’s luck by the end who you end up with. Some just are fated to be with devil’s incarnate while some are so forgranted to believe good going on in their life.

Dont tell her you love her.

Don’t you tell her you love her.Are you relying on that beautiful smile that lighten up the sky with fireworks on seeing you? Deal with it you aren’t able to decipher her facial expressions even after being in easy camaraderie with her .You’re hypnotized which honestly wouldn’t work until you figure out if she is worth fighting for.Don’t tell her you love her until you’re sure she’ll respond with same ardent emotions you feel.Maybe falling for her was a distraction to get over your haphazardness, Or Maybe you’ll end up wooing her but if you don’t, then don’t tell her you love her .

Don’t deny it.

What’s eating you up?’, He asked.

“It’s not the same. We are acting so indifferent. There isn’t any feeling of remorse from your side or my side if thats the case ,but deep down I just know we are as artificial as we were never ever. We laugh, we curse, we vent out,  we even gossip together but even after so much baring our souls to one another; we can’t start pass that feel of superficial connection. Forget about hypocrisy it has nothing to do with it but we were never like this in the good old days-young and carefree .Now being more mature I can spot the difference in our glimpses,our movements,our banter .They aren’t envying nor engaging either but a combination of worldy chitchats hopping in to bridge the hole of silent pauses That’s shows how customary it is for me to lead this act even if I am numb.The show must never stop.”

All I wanna do is..

You know you can’t help me get this feeling out of my mind. The harder I try to avenge it,the more clueless I get. But don’t you worry I just feel the need to keep it all private. Why is everyone asking about me? If there tail of a tongue is wagging with unknown facts I don’t give a fig .I am done explaining the points where justifications fall into my lap. They may try to entice you towards me but thank you very much I don’t need any coying hand to assist me to wear my heart about my sleeve. Suddenly optimistic I pledge not to every make others feel the same way I had felt.If I have a role to play, I ll rather play it to emphasize in getting the humans distracted with the upbeat thrill of life. Getting drained in thoughtless provocations is exhausting, let’s not dwell in it and be someone you’re proud to hang out with.

Strangely whole.

“I tried I swear damn you, she shouted.

I did all I could to get you off my mind. Since you were trapped in my own reasonings ; I did nothing to rectify it,I cried, shrieked and blamed but I wasn’t ready to let go of how you made me feel. The taste of my own medicine infuriated me but i couldn’t stop it, even if I wanted I couldn’t because losing you was soo dignifying in my own dictionary of prejudice.”

That’s when I knew …

You have to be with someone who can make you feel light and floaty where you can’t brush off all the molecules that zing you to life.Let your head run instead of your heart to see the opposite of what’s true or what’s not true. The whole situation becomes tad overwhelming when you let all the lessons turn you into a person who accepts flaws and all. You get dumbfounded when you see bumping into that someone who is there to let you cut off the dead branches of your life in order to turn you alive. That’s when you knew the continued smiles hanging you in the air is all to keep you in amusement of journey you want to take anyway.

High on you.

Snuggle me close where not even silence can invade.Hold me tight in the shadows of lantern sneaking to be part of your embrace.The lullaby of your breaths tune me to a divine slumber. The night outside is starry exhilarated with jazz and blues alive but this isn’t going to comfort me.I am done being a savior for a night, my soul is corroded at the moment ; victim of my own thoughts I lean on you to be deviated.High on you, I don’t want to be anywhere just beside you where I can inhale in your warmth I call home.

Intimacy! !

I believe intimacy isn’t limited to how much you yearn not to keep your hands off yourself. It is not always about the showering kisses in the scarlet light,eye locks, giddy caresses, or shivering strokes retracing their electric path all the way to your feet. Intimacy is just felt when you know how much the other person is willing to put up for you even when he is reluctant in admitting it . You smile from within even when he scowls,mutters or stutters in discomposure;you know all this is a tease means nothing when his area of life lies in taking steps that makes you happy reciprocating with more enthusiasm that you never would have thought of.


I had been falling apart torned up in shreds to see the world blowing away triumphant of my departure. It lasted long enough to keep my blood vessels strong from broken heart.Gazing at the sun it pierced into me with beautiful woven rays blanketing the sunset in its usual care. My exit was a front row story headlining how naive I had been to project my selfless as a weakling, going away without even traces of some esteem. The charm of my life in being a name was dissolved when my defenses give up, projecting me as a fallen flat out in love.