A Stage Whisper(Love & Worth )

Love “Haven’t I ever given you enough affection already? Watch your accusatory tone! You snob! When you, yourself aren’t a diamond of first water. Remember all the fondness and infatuation, that once made shivers run down your spine? It wasn’t a temporary liaison dammit. Don’t you see the gifts I shower you with? Or the assistance whatsoever, in any matter you needed, was all because of me. If not for me, you would have been left clingy and whinny. I asked you to acknowledge my demands, before taking me for granted. Look at yourself! ’ A beauty you have become with persona and style, but see what you lack is, obedience and cooperation’. You know that right?  You have gotten everything on the platter, that’s why you are so filled with ingratitude? Stubbornness is what’s gonna make your life a living hell, and STIGMA, worth a praise! And then I’ll watch with the smirk on my face. “

Worth : “ *Claps* So,the purpose of this whole spat you started! ‘Emmm… Oh wait! Now I get the whole picture..Yeah right ! I still am bloody serious about my request of value and respect, and your poor soul can’t fathom such outburst of my sanity. What made you think so irrational about me ? Like what? How can I make you understand? When you your self are so infused with the balderdash. Somehow, my conscious warned me, from the start that these complimentary considerations would come up, and bite me in the a**, but still, I was all in awe of your grace, and decency. Do you ever gave thought to what I want? No! No! No! Never, it’s like over-your-dead-body-type-scene right? Let me be, what I am, a cold-hearted wench! I am more than happy with it. I can never let my dignity be second option for you, or me and, a worth not only in name but action was what I ever asked for ….Good day “