“Going through purgatory wasn’t for you. My mind didn’t go bland to woo you with my will for purification. It happened in the lightest of moments where my mind contemplated. The staccato pulses in my veins shuddered with ill conceived notions; I had to let the interruptions fade away to welcome the delight of desires. ”
Izza ifzaal
creation by MUA .

Touch of my saint!…

Once in for all

A nightmare awaited

Leading her into the

Shell named deceive

With no sounds of

The kin of her kind

Which was once there

Ready to shower

Blessings but turned

Back within seconds

Giving proof of cowardice

And lack of morality

Only there standing

Mute to see

After effects of the

Shell leaving her

Scratched and blotched

With blood dripping

From the neck

Showing marks

Of the assault

Done to be deserved

With no dare to

Stop the havoc

Caused with

Decisions made

Only to make superiors

Happy not even ready

To bring down bargain

That caused her life

To rot in the hell

Succumbed with

The claustrophobia

Of the cage locked

With no signs of return

From the bog of

Dominance brewing

Larger with time to avoid

Knowing her touch of saint

Would somehow thrash

The barrier of shell

With the serendipity

Of faith still there to

Accompany her..

Predator of mind!.

Predator is my soul

Whose claws are

Ready to eat flesh

With no ounce of empathy.

Predator is my body

Which likes to hibernate

For long and profound

With no echoes of outrage.

Predator is my spirit

Always ready to have a

Sweet revenge from


Boiling my blood.

Predator is my mind

To all the hanky-panky

Done to bring me down

With treachery and disgust.

Predator is my being

Still sympathetic to

Chances who oath

Before me.

Predator is my psyche

Which saddens with the

Grey of the dusk leaving

The nightingales to rule

The bright.

Predator is my intuition

Filled with barriers

Of invasion done

With the simple act

Of diplomacy.

Predator is my fa├žade

Born when the sting

Of wounds still linger

In my body rupturing

Me apart.

Predator is my defense

Which blooms only

With self esteem and

Recognition of myself.

Predator is my furry

Which will cease only

When matters are left

In the hands of the might power.