It’s her wish to visit Taj..

Smiles here & Smiles there

Memories had entangled me then
I was busy wasting my precious time
On these unnecessary things
Jumbled up in the tensions of Work
Life, it’s ups & downs
Family, friends and buses and bikes
And all the daily chores.

There was crowd everywhere around me
I was surrounded by them
But there I was all alone
Lost, confused and helpless
Then I sat down at the stairs of a building there
And suddenly my eyes fell on a bird
That had come and sat there beside me
She was happy I can tell
As she was playing with its food
Hopping on that stair
Breezing away with the wind and then returning back
Going from one branch to the other of the banyan tree on the roadside
It seemed as if She was from some other place
May be a neighbouring country
I was left staring at her for hours

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Prophet Muhammad’s Mercy Upon Orphans

There is indeed a great reward in caring for an orphan!!
May God make us considerate and humane enough to help mankind!

I Finally wore the hijab

Best post till date!

The Indian Reverted Muslimah...


This is an old blog post of mine which I deleted by mistake today. Hence, reblogging it!


Till 6 months back, never in my wildest dream had I thought this day would come in my life. Not had the remotest thought of becoming a hijabi had crossed my mind. Suddenly my life flipped, my faith was squeezed to be tested and my complete thought process was shaken. Of all the events that have happened with me in my road of reversion, yesterday was the most eventful day till now. Alhamdulillah. I do not know what more awaits.

I have been wanting to adorn a Hijab since about 3 months. Back then, at home, with my parents I had just made up a firm decision and established regular Salahs Alhamdulillah! My heart was very vulnerable and crumpled. I was weak to plan my future or even think about it. All…

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The Proposal


Yas Niger

Is it impossible to ideally explain one’s love with just words?

Read through this excerpts from ‘Fever: The origins of fever’ and see if you identify with the emotions & concerns registered by the couple.
The sparkle went out of her eyes and returned as quickly as it left. A child would easily realize that she had actually paused in thinking as she unconsciously held her breath. Her lighter facial complexion took on that glossy oily texture that belied the held notion that dark skinned people don’t blush.

Then she exhaled with a loud audible whizzing whoosh. She consequently turned and looked away with that pretentious awe that the suddenness or a lack of it, always seems to demand of most puberty weaned women in similar circumstances. It was indeed pretentious, but not remotely hypocritical.

She wasn’t blank in her head, that solitary place of the mind’s earnest thoughts was…

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Make A Mark!

Make a mark with all your want

You can do this ,with all this taunt

People laughing at your dismay wouldn’t care

So don’t hear, don’t bear

You know you can, you could, you should

Feeling jittery is completely naturally good

Don’t pay heed to your mockers

Jest, just jest without being a gawker

Taking a chill pill should all be your agenda

When you know it’s all a propaganda

Your tearing apart, at their outburst I tell you is insanity

You better get out before you lose your serenity

Let go of their queries, beware of your dearies

Why you forget you are loved, you mourning dove

By the people you belove,no matter they see you above

So make a mark, just try and make a mark

What if!!

What if you listened

To my sorrows and pleas

Looking into my eyes and crease

Before my voice decease

What if you listened, you might had ease

Why wouldn’t you let me explain

Your wrong ,your good belong

Your trait,your fate, my mate

For once, let me tell you about your gaze

It has everything to do with your craze

Stop trying to initiate the feud

Give up before you are not include

Leave everything to rot

Have peace before you are caught

What if you listened, you dolt

I am to weary to stay and pray

It’s high time to stop your shades of grey

Look at my hands and eyes of furry

Stop right now and lessen my worry

Don’t take an eternity dumby

Think straight you bunny

Time will take your revenge

Till then don’t get drenched

What if,what if you listened

Let me, just let me dream! !

Let me, please just let me dream

Though I wish to be the one from the cream

Where I am the royalty and footman chases me before they deem

Can’t I be lucky to own gowns of emarald  green

Let me, just let me dream

Where I am a duchess to a rogue

Who breathes with my prose

Where minutes tickles with sighs of peaceful dose

Where I am the fragrant like a rose

Where I love to be around my close

Let me, please just once let me dream

Where A ball full of lights spark my hair

Oozes my attire with a stare

Where I waltz to my dream dare

Matching my steps fair and square

Making me giddy with his mere glare

Merciful heavens said everybody eying our pair

Let me , just let me live  to dream

Where I hope to seek redemption

from my sins and lies

Where I play a role of a lady

buying gifts for needy

Helping them with their chores

Making them glee with hope

Not wanting them to dope

Asking them to trust

Just once begging them they must

If only they let me be their fairy

I promise to bring them merry

Just once, just once let me dream


Smiles here & Smiles there

Different names,

Different voices,

Different heights,

Different smell,

Different ways,

Different lives,

Different interests,

Different smiles,

Different emotions,

Different perspectives,

Different reasons,

Different commitments,

Different goals,

Different souls,

Different thoughts,

Different destinations,

Different centuries,

Different societies,

Different civilizations,

Different gait,

Different styles,

Different personality,

Different DNA,

Different finger-prints,

Different you,

Different me,

But yet, we’re ALL THE SAME!!

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