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I guess I haven’t been catching up with you all lately and after known this WP kingdom for 7 months and flooded with so many intriguing blogs is exciting ,I thank Erika for nominating me for this Lovely Blog Award. I have got a chance again to tell something about myself.She’s is an inspiration.


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7 facts about me:

1) Urghh Annoying!..

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3)I am insanely heed over heels about my celeb crushes.Recent is Barry Sloane and Josh bowman.


4) Just my favorite mood.


5)That what happens

images (15)

6)I hate yelling

images (13)

7) Shush! A secret

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I want to thanks Empower love for nominating me for Dragon’s Loyalty Award..I am really glad you liked my work and gave me this award .dragons-loyalty-award

The rules:

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7 facts about me:

1) Hell yeah!

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2) It feels that every forsaken hour of early morning.


3)Why on earth ??

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4) I dread it immensely..
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5) My aww moment..
images (18)

6) I am a terrible liar..

7) Holy shit! Yess 😀

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Thanks for reading 😛

P.S: ( An aversion to nominations 😀 )

Ring o’ Roses..

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A ring of roses were there

Surrounding me with their exquisite

Fragrances every time I tried

Dumping them out from garbage of

My futile mind, fumbled in the

Thoughts which persisted on

Attaining a short term happiness

Based on my rules & conditions

Alas! I presumed being happy

For a longer period of time

Will demand giving up on

 Temporary decaying short termed goals

 I had been holding

Dearly, eagerly, psychotically, melodramatically

A ring of roses were there

Still enchanting me to let go of

Whatever I had planned to happen

Overlooking the simple fact that

“There is time & place for everything;

I can’t get everything beforehand

In the whirlwind of greed.”

Rectifying my behaviors & not

Grief stricken from my loss

I know time heals all and it is

Always like it should be.

(P.S Erika! Thankyou my guiding light! I dedicate this post to you. Your blogs are a treat to readers. You have helped me in ways to improve myself I never thought I could.God bless you always & forever)

At your disposal..

I am at your disposal when

You lay your feet at my end of

The bed to massage them so

You can have a sound sleep

After a rough hard day.


I am at your disposal

every damn time when

I see sweat drops itching

your face from the burning

temperature of the stove.


I am at your disposal when

I see you frowning with fury

with helplessness in situations

you cant seem to abide.


I am at your disposal

when you vouch to

listen to my rants I wanted

to keep to myself at first place.


I am at your disposal when

you need me as a knight

when things get a bit shabby

and heated.


I am at your disposal

to get a thrashing for

my bad mouth and demeaning

its what i ll deserve for sure

to learn to be level-headed.

(P.S: I wrote this for my mom)images (3)


Get Real

Stepping into the real world

With adrenaline rush I was

Giddy to see what pleasure

Life was offering a distracted

like me;

Anticipated with the uncertainties

Was a lightning-strike feeling not

Giving fig involved about the inklings

Of futuristic hindrances;

The imagery of the humans I made

Was devoid of shrewd scale but an

Obvious conclusion comprehending

Their situations;

It’s not rainbow and roses everywhere

Proved me when I was beguiled by my

Naivety not to comprehend the conducts

Of the ones daunting me with the such

Smirk tactics in ladylike ways where

I knew pulling my socks up was only a

Way to mingle in to get real.

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I wish I were there…

I wish I were there
Not to wince watching you
Disappear in shadows with
Baggage of your problems…

I wish I were there
You could rely upon when
Venting about your
Worrisome-troubles convinced
You to give up…

I wish I were there
To assist you with
Your medications, your
Destitution, your thirst,
Your aches, your health, your

I wish I were there
To own a jackpot or a
Lottery to vanish your dark circling
Enlarging day by day along with the
Frowns on your brow…

I wish I were there
To rent you a place to live, to
Afford your education, to you give you
Work, to pay you a handsome wage, to
Buy a chair for you to sit, to gift you a cooler
In summers, to lend you water, to moves
Stones from your way, to give you a hand
While crossing a path…

I wish I were there
Acting as a stimulator to aspire
You to strive hard without your
Psyche to conquer your fears…

I wish I were there
To treat you with a cake
On your success buying you
Presents hoping to make your

I wish I were there to
Launch a salon to get you
A makeover just to see
Smile on your face with new
Look, new beginning, new enthusiasm
Going apt with your humble

I wish I were there
When God punished
Those low lives who
Treated you brutally, hit you,
Blamed you, disowned you, with
Disrespect, loathe not for
Once considering what’s to be
In your shoe…

I wish I were there
To applaud you for your
Struggle, your right choice, for
Your humane nature, your faith,
Your loyalty, your honesty, your dedication…

I wish I were there
To learn how you eat the
Left over food without wasting,
How to regard the clothes you own,
How you are grateful even after so much
Misery in your life…

I wish I were there
To show them how kindness is not
Confined just by giving away money in the name
Of a display but with a generous heart,
Good deed, a good gesture, good smile,
Good attitude, good greeting to the
Ones who have lost track of such
Gentleness in the cruelty of this world.

(Author’s Note :I believe its never too late to help all the people out there who need us in our lives..Maybe, not for money but for kindness & I have seen many having attitude & loud voice problems ..Please Just try to act sensible & help them in any way possible with your goodness of heart ..Last but not the least, the feeling of contentment we ‘ll get will be divine for sure :) )

Moving on!!!

It wasn’t just like
Winds to move on
From one side to another
leaves pacing with them
In a sudden rush to catch the cold breeze
Welcoming ahead new climate
All in awe of such novelty
To forget the plight they were once in
Enjoying helluva of nature merry with
The change
Damning humans
Different creed still hanging on
To lost not believing in the
theory of moving on and clinging
To the transition
Sweet once but
Bitter with the deep
Dig of roots soaked in joy
Now formed a cactus
Causing hurt with marks of
Grievances and mourning
Ruining all chances of
Being happy with
Forsaken thoughts
Pledged to be cherished
Not to whine about.

Dialogue b/w Sun & Moon !

Moon :  “I believe I am over thinking a lot lately. Maybe, because they all keep on telling me, how ugly I am and how much they loathe my sight. They call me a pathetic excuse of an insane dark. Do you think it’s my fault? I just want them to be friends with experience and reality. Is it bad that I want the best to happen to them? You know how much I feel guilty when they shed tears from the pain I cause them, though it’s intentional but logically, sort of in best of their interests and then later I am pretty sure ,they ‘ll thank me but still…… “

Sun: “Just Relax! I promise to come back tomorrow with new bright morning and a better tomorrow, till then let your darkness bring out the best in them. Don’t blame your features blackness and shadow for causing sorrows and dismay all over. You know in your heart right?  You want them to learn from the ashes they have made of themselves, and rise like a phoenix. Give them time for adaptation in the world of fittest. If they are still weary from disgust leave them be, at the end it was them not you.

(Just don’t be afraid of darkness people.It can surely help us all sense the change in us”..So just take a chill and a deep breath :p )

Versatile Blogger Award

I don’t know what to say, I had to rub my eyes a bit to see Prateek nominated
me for this award.Though still I am a bit dubious that should I accept the nominee or not,
because you all will see my posts are a bit of melancholy,and versatility is just a tad bit there(I am getting there #NoWorries 😀 )

Did I mention my thanks to Prateek for the nominee? Wait!! I’ll start with the introductory speech of how glad I always get, when he heartily comments on the blogs and with proper appreciation making
your-day each time with such exceedingly generous comments and none of his followers can deny the fact that, he creates a profound wave of words hitting the right brainstorming-nerve-chords-of-our-minds 😛

Enough description of Prateek here:p but do visit his blog because you might be missing out some major talent major here in WP…

So here are facts about me! (*Enjoyyy*)

1. I am a Procrastination Station. I just can’t, like literally can’t work on time.No matter how bad the circumstances get I can never, until its the last moment and I am all fidgety with my famous-cranky-mode 😛

2. I am a software engineer but honestly I suck big time in this field. Though(I use this word frequently) now working as a Web Developer, I think I underestimated myself earlier because I am getting a bit good with my field and bingo I am happy,but the flashbacks of college life slaping the living daylights out of me lol coz I still can’t believe I graduated and I am always saying my friends somebody pinch me or scream at the top of their lungs that “this girl is a graduate” *Hip Hip Hurray* (thanks :p )

3. I am Bookaholic. I love reading but the books must be only a historical/regency romance not any sci-fi(I am allergic to Sci-fi books). I like getting into that royalty trance whenever I am reading and staying in a bubble for a moment ain’t that bad unless somebody hands me over Harry potter or to Kill a Mocking Bird/Jay/whatsoever 😛

4. I have this adventurous streak in me I don’t when it started but I am glad I transformed from a hermit to a care-free Venusian (Anybody who have read Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus would know )

5. I can easily be a digressor in just a second; whenever I think the topics discussed aren’t according to the likes of me I scoot my fellows to bizarre/inane thoughts of frivolous topics (I know! sharp me :p )

6.I craved to be a Foreign Ambassador but oh boy that takes a lot to bring a nerd in me so I am like let the day go on and on.And I loathe games yeah the Android ones .I don’t know they make me super mad(their presence plain & simple) 😛

7. Last but no least I want to be a New York Times Best Selling Author of the book I-have-no-idea- whatsoever-about (In near future maybe) :p But yeah peeps sooner or later, I may consider writing one so just wish me luck and I believe in “MAKE A MARK” as Rumi says: “What you seek is seeking you ” .
Take care everybody and enjoy my blogs as I am trying to get better with the speed of (267.856mph) 😛
P.S : Let me make an year in WP then I can nominate other people as well 🙂 (I am just here 4 months old FYI) :p

Empire of Faith….

Empire of faith to her

Is all about the gold crown

Inherited only when she steps

To the escalator of pure thoughts

Along with the cleansing of soul

Making sure no marks of black are

Prominent which were once faded

With the promise of forgiveness

And mercy awarding her the feel

Of blind trust in all the haphazardness

Of times when the shortcomings were

Evident but they just disappeared

Knowing the Empire of faith had an

Extravagant authority to tribute her

Soul with a glow to shine despite of

The hindrance in her way and still

Believe in purification is half the

The faith Convincing everyone to

Think it is a miracle Worth witnessing!

Spell of Uncertainty!….

So then it led her to this with a vibe that

Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew it

Already that this lesson was desperate from the

Start to reach,her preach her addled brain about how

Much naive she had been for disclosing the vulnerability

In her, how much she had to see the different angles not

To lessen her burden erupting like a tornado prompting her

To rip in shreds for seeing the destruction she had caused

All by herself, the intentional ruin she bargained

Crushing the daylights out of her, obviously she earned

This for allowing them to prey her shield and enter this vicinity

To spot her weakling nature and hit right there at that chord of

Heart where shattering noise couldn’t be heard from miles

Across dwelling her in her pool of sorrow but then sorting

Her scattered illusions in an array and be on guard to

See that treated fairly is like fooling yourself

Because being good from the start doesn’t mean you

Are free from the eager spell of uncertainty