At your disposal..

I am at your disposal when

You lay your feet at my end of

The bed to massage them so

You can have a sound sleep

After a rough hard day.


I am at your disposal

every damn time when

I see sweat drops itching

your face from the burning

temperature of the stove.


I am at your disposal when

I see you frowning with fury

with helplessness in situations

you cant seem to abide.


I am at your disposal

when you vouch to

listen to my rants I wanted

to keep to myself at first place.


I am at your disposal when

you need me as a knight

when things get a bit shabby

and heated.


I am at your disposal

to get a thrashing for

my bad mouth and demeaning

its what i ll deserve for sure

to learn to be level-headed.

(P.S: I wrote this for my mom)images (3)


Drive by!

After wearing his favourite red dress and makeup in minimal she glanced around the clock to wait for 6p.m.She was fidgety, she keep checking the mirrors in the washroom to see if her hair was ruffled or was she looking okay or not . Now past 6 o clock, he wasn’t there. He was never punctual she knew from their past meetings that he was not a good with time management . Being a bit forlorn ,suddenly she heard a phone ringing. Rushing to get her phone. She saw his number on the screen. Trying to control her exhilaration,she picked the cell he was saying, “Come outside quickly “.She responded “I ll be outside in a second”.Waving her mom good bye and saying her to close the door she saw him their in car smiling down at her.

” You look beautiful”, he said.

“Thankyou,you look great too” ,she replied with a smitten gaze.She felt his look was mermesmerizing her enough to form flames.They decided to go to McDonalds to get ice cream. Ordering choco cones by drive through ,he knew she loved Icecream but he wanted to spend time with her ,talk to her by taking her to a long drive not some crowded place where they couldn’t even hear one another. They knew this moment was perfect where they both kept listening to one another with a music in the background making every thing seem vague. What she felt for him was like her favourite quote “you are the sky, everything else is just the weather”. Smiling to her self, she woke up next day with a sigh cherishing this sweet dream.

P.s : This idea was a concept of my cousin. Will be looking forward to write it a conversation way soon.I am not active on WordPress but I will surely gonna be soon as my days are super busy. I ll definitely catch up with your blogs my adorable WP family!! GOD BLESS


My Wicked Angel!

You are the…..

Sole star of my universe

Only Jewel  of my treasure

Caution before cure

Dragon to my slayer

Sparkle to my laughter

Reason to my way home

Delight to my eyes

Sight I wish to take every breath for

Addition to every curve of my smile

Wicked angel to my churnished soul
Knight of the shining armour

Protagonist of my every drama

Paradise on a gold platter

Inshort!You are the..

Drama queen of my kingdom filled with

Love I craved soo deep!



Were all those
Smiles that greeted me?
Love that enamored me?
Eyes that promised me forever?
Gestures that excited me?
Endearments that bedaffled me?
Imitations that exhilarated me?

A Facade to ?

Bury the life in me …
Bring out the beast in me…
Mock my ways…
Daunt my freed..
Question my virtue…
Stab my back…
Brag my defense…
Gawk my motives…
Poison my existence …

Was everything framed from the start to see me
Jilted ?
Hurt ?
Broken ?
Shattered ?
Down ?

Well you failed to notice I am still
God gifted and nothing
Can cause my demise except God! 


Beauty to her isn’t everything
prim proper in perfect accordance
but it is the joy of living in the moment
of feeling the indifferent circumstances like
running late for work and coming back
to a place small and gruesome but still emitting
rays of warmth despite of hand-to-mouth days when
she forgets about the worries and wait for the
miracles to help cope up with the circumstances
and see how easily every frown ceasing up with an
exhilaration and making her bear the hot summers with an
anticipated sigh to be fittest of survivors of
adventure in travel zone of life where beauty is
all about the crampled talks to making a laughing
stock with friends among the masses gawking our
insanity or late night chating with friends where pouring
hearts out is an excuse to have an ice cream with
sudden change of plans in a weather with an aura of
vibrancy tricking to keep this game of beauty going
on with no rules regulations to follow but a zeal to
try new variety of food or bunking classes just to meet the
roomies and waiting for a treat at every turn for a friend
to just say I aced a test plus a good listener to the cranky
siblings elaborating their phase of live and by being
enticed by a new restaurant checking-in before someone else
uploads a status is always her beauty of life where she is gracious
for late night walks in serenity and never ending verbal jabs
making her live out of this comfort zone and let her believe
in beauty of living in a moment!

A Sphere of Friendship….!

That phase of life made her scared
From the envious and cunning Earth
Making her want to stay away from everyone
Because she had heard somewhere before
They are your worst enemies
Will eat every bit of you with vindication
Observing why are all in vain to have them
Making her suspicious and mysterious
Of this sacred bond of friendship which
Had nothing to offer other than animosity
But sooner or later she found herself
Entangled in this web, breathing life
Giving her a chance to experience this meaning of attachment
Compelling her to omit all the odds and letting
Her open eyes and just see there are great minds
Thinking like her, searching for her
Without even asking something in return because
She realized that balance is restored
Nobody can end up having all bad days or all good days
Sometime it’s dawn and sometimes it’s dusk
And what matters at the end of the day is this bond
Comforting you in dread of times coping up
With everything with this tad bit of sphere called friendship

All of a sudden!

Sudden bloom of Love
Sudden acceptance of faults
Sudden acts of gratitude
Sudden feel of dominance
Sudden surrender to submission
Sudden ignorance of verbal jabs
Sudden turn of events and touché
Sudden bridge of miscommunication
Sudden path of mistrust
Sudden rumors of debauchery
Sudden twinge of negative vibes
Sudden brawls leading to forgrantedness
Suddenly washing over the deeds of good
Sudden rush of a demon in seconds
Turning upside down, the sudden moments of affections
Into the sudden smoldering venom
All in a blink of an eye
All in all of a sudden

Can You Find It In Your Heart !

imagesIsn’t it possible ever not to feel any sort of insult or humiliation? Nahh! I don’t think so! It’s just something we can’t get out of our system; obviously we feel bad about being the target of aggression for somebody we care, or adore .YEAH! Guys!! It feels bad being mortified in front of people, for your faults making you so out of wits, and then you are rendered speechless. So what should we do? Could we just play innocent of our faults, or shush the obvious-awkward-moment? But, a good point might be a space to collect our self and act all normal…Egghh! It’s bit of gutsy thing. Then what should a person do?


I guess trying not to feel something as if nothing never happened, yeah! because we have to learn the other way around; by thinking above ourselves not focusing on our dos and don’ts , but about the other people we care and love. We can’t shut them out, only for a bit of our ego, that’s utterly insane, and lets accept it, we all take things others do for us “For granted” .What we can do is to flashback all the good memories cherished with that person, initially it’s hard to let go but still if they mean something to us; I think we should stop this awkwardness and start initiating conversation like nothing ever happened. In childhood we use to confuse the terms big heart or big teddy, but now being in adolescence I realized that having big heart means caring for people we love. It require a lot of guts to gather up the courage to stop taking things to heart seriously .Thus, the universal reality is that good emits good, and even if we want to take revenge for them for hurting our feelings or making us feel vulnerable ;try being a goody shoe .I have seen it work sweetlings ,they ‘ll feel compelled to be good because you are a do-gooder yourself , and nothing for them will be more embarrassing then guilty.So ,lets pledge to make this place beautiful with our big generous heart,  and above all this will make Our God Our Creator happy ,because if He is happy with us ,nobody on face of the earth can change that.

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A Forever Debt!


We interact with so many people around us .Categorically some like to socialize while others are bit too introvert to speak .Maybe, they’re busy in their own little circle and don’t like intruding, whereas some like to be meddled in. Me, I am the latter one who doesn’t give a damn about having my privacy invaded. I like being solicitous and welcoming to people around me. However, I still am averted to narcissists and like maintaining a distance of miles from them because that’s how they like to be treated; with grumpiness and seclusion. I truly believe in like-minds-think-alike-theory. we become friends with people who talk ,act or think like us. That’s why whenever a problem pops up in our lives; this people make sure they advise and help us get through the reality bit turmoils.

I am that sort of a person who is dependent on a friend’s advice, their guidance being right there for me every time I need it. But somewhere in life, I really thought they don’t know enough world, there is something missing in their approach to being a Mentor. It was really a kind of a naggy feeling, I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. Nonetheless, they chaperoned me in my strenuous times but they surprisingly lagged way behind in-league-to-worldliness as compared to my grandma.

Older people are without a doubt paragon of practicality and courage. They can play a pivotal role in reforming us, considering teenage is a sort of age where we all suffer from severe ADD (Attention deficient disorder). Instead of paying heed to their consultations ,we are busy fantasizing about God knows everything; from being brought up in a luxurious life style to elite class clothing to brands to novelish heroes and what not. But twenties I affirm is a bit of a drill for everyone, it’s when reality hits hard; shaking us to awake from the shackles of fairyland. Yupp!!!!Twenties is a decade of maturity, sanity and guidance. I would genuinely agree to it because it was when I really wanted to tune up myself, and to hear stories from my grandmother about her childhood, and how they learned so much about life. Whenever, I had holidays or luckily when my grandmother use to come in summers, I wished she prolonged her visit so that she could stay with us, to teach me about the expertise of life. Her sermons held a power to bide in my head. She was like

      “You should always have an optimistic approach, learn to be a good listener,Be tolerant and patient.Stay faithful when you have nothing left to do and God won’t deprive you”.

The other person that helped see me life in a new perspective was my aunt .I used to visit her in holidays. We rarely interacted, but she always insisted and I wanted to keep in touch with her. Though, I absolutely loathe communication gaps because they start injecting you with negative vibes which are honestly bizarre and absurd. I loved the way she always enthusiastically narrated me about her upbringing, her defying streak, retaliating every situation with open-mindedness, humor and valor. She still unfolds her blasts-from-past moments and literally give me laughing fits. It is good to know she is there for me but what I learned from her peculiarly was

                    “Every person has good and bad points, if that particular person has messed with you and has treated you roughly in his crucial time; stay calm and collective, and remember he/she  was the one who was a good friend to  you and don’t forget their positive deeds and learn to accept that there was time when a person is having a low phase,accept it  and move on ,and don’t react negatively .Don’t ever take things for granted .Thank God for what he bestows upon you and learn to value people more than you value things.”

Let’s accept it we all are seekers of love, care and affection. As long as we are getting it we are grateful but when it is missing its painful .Although, my mother helped me a lot being a better person; I am who I am of her. I love her to depth for being my confidant and bestest friend but my aunt and grandmother played a stupendous role in my character building, for which i am in there forever debt.

Authors Note:Try for once getting close with your elders. I hope they will help you to rectify your mistakes and help you make a better person to live in this strange wild world. Let’s aspire to inspire 🙂

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Sometimes we wish things remain the same, they never change, and they remain perfect just the how they are; but the hardest part is letting go of these things, and to go with the flow. It does make us a -wretched up nobody- giving up, but that’s how it works in this- nothing lasts forever world- ,eventually we have to let go of our precious things.

The dilemma I felt leaving my ancestral home was too much to absorb. I still have a hole drilled in my heart, moving out from there. However, I described in my earlier blog about how I take things for granted and later I fuss about them and that was exactly what I had been doing and complaining. My hereditary Paradise was built in around 1950’s by my grandfather (May God rest his soul in peace).It was really old and sort of had an architectural design of that era; which people now a days would loathe definitely. I simply loved the warm texture of the walls exhibiting love, affection and care. Despite of the fact that it was located in suburban area of Jhelum where surroundings were grotesque of course; people were conservative, loud but I can’t seem to neglect the aspect that they were good hearted and sharing-their-joys-and-miseries sort of people. Every morning I use to wake up to the sound of an old man yelling at the top of his lungs, bragging about how people should get rid of their old products and sell them to him. That typical horrendous voice of him worked wonders for him because it people made get up and sell their older products because sooner they get rid of those products, the sooner he‘ll leave with that unusual marketing strategy. I was a whiny teenage freakster back then ,complaining my mother all the time about that old man quite audible voices; but she used to hush me by saying ”You have to be adaptive in every environment, learn to live and stop complaining me. Life is good when we have highs and lows so stop being a lousy and try to adapt”. I Hated life lectures; Comeon!!!! See teenage isn’t supposed to be all about lectures and life lessons; it is has way more perks to it ,of enjoying the singledom, freedom of living on our ways rather than getting blabby tutoring about life.Blaah !Blaah! I use to ignore and I knew I’ll learn with time. There isn’t a science with such philosophies 😛

Friday’s I remember were the best because I use to come home early and enjoy the Naan tikki from the stall outside our home. It used to be so mouthwatering. GoodGod! I miss it so much. Although there are many blurry memories of my home; but one time I remember in early morning I use to hear a carriage passing by daily with an old man saying to offer morning prayers and how prayers are key to success .It was good to see hear his loud piercing sound though I wasn’t good enough to get up and pray back then. There were thousands reasons to love my paradise but being the eldest child graduating the high school with an A grade was the best part; My dad celebrating my joy with  giving sweets to the whole neighborhood was a memory  I still  cherished.

I hated to move to our new place in Cantt. It was good new home offering all the peace and serenity but there was no shrill sound of that particular old man I hated; the naan I used to enjoy. Most importantly, it was deprived of the presence of my grandfather I thought it existed in my old ancestral home. I felt comforted there .Nonetheless, he wasn’t there But I believe he had a part of him there happy about us staying there.

I feel every one miss letting go of their Paradise; but we have to accept that nothings lasts long .At the end memories are left and the rest fades away ;that’s how life is supposed to be.

I don’t have the picture of my paradise otherwise i could have shared..

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