Space between us

img_20161004_001109 Carrying a hand full of paper towels
And a bucket full of tears
She stepped into road of denial
Lightened in ignorance
Strolling casually towards the edge
Sky painted in burnt fire lights
Alone in the night of dark
She wore grief like a mask of defense
Against the odds that
Kept lurking like her nemesis
Snapping fingers at her ghostly white face
A stranger waved a hand in dismay
Getting her out of brazen thoughts
Sitting beside her like an aristocrat
Wearing heart around his sleeve
For a man who lived in shells
He chatted through the night
Filling in the space between them
Even if he heard “ahems” or “pfft”
His voice continued to carry weight
Of conversations , to help her stay muted
To help her stay adrift, not expecting
Anything in return, but just another stranger
To hear him without judgements
Like those voices from the wall
That nerved and labeled him a mad man
She found her breathing room and he , his own
In the vintage space between them.



“I think the human minds need to feel free at every single moment of their lives. Even if we live in a cage or a bungalow, what difference will it made we aren’t allowed a way out? A sense of freedom is in knowing that you go wherever the heck you want to go, wherever the heck you want to stay or whenever you want to come back. Coming back to a shelter that doesn’t restrict you to house arrest but welcomes you back with smiles. That makes everything more peaceful and reassuring. Certainly, there is relief in knowing you can feel rescued and be your own person, where there are no boundaries to confide you. At the end it’s all about feels that want you to reach the sky but still helps you keep your toes on the ground.”



We have come two different entities rolling in life. Everytime I see myself drowning in helplessness; I cower just to shield myself away from you. Maybe I already know you are in despair of your own. Things we keep from each other is highlighting vulnerabilities. Both of us scared to let our weaknesses come between us. But I see it all coming. I am inclined towards that loophole that is somewhere showing me a way out. I am exhausted, drenched and drought to see our life turning into a squabble. I see myself going the way I never thought to go. That starlight is guiding me to a way out, out of treachery between us. I think it all be well – well enough to make my inaudible heartbeats stay tranquil.