Exhaled I gave up 

Swallowed past lump

Formed in my throat 

Continued faking smile 

False notion gave my conviction 

No more consultations 

Breeds of exaggeration 

Landed me to terminate

Idea of having a say 

Forces of Attraction..

Don’t you feel it

There is some strong force in us

Running parallel with others

Derived from LOVE/HATE emotions

Induced in our brains

How we feel about that someone

How we desire to connect with them

How those feelings turn raw in flesh’n blood

Adrenaline firing into life

How we loathe some

How some disgust us

How we crawl away from them

This force knows it all

Our likes, our dislikes

Taking us on a roller coaster ride

Making hearts fonder over likes

Making hearts bleed over dislikes

No longer we can bide this force farewell

It is dangerously compelling

Everyone we love to love us

Everyone we hate to hate us

Vibrating everything in life

Scaring the shit out of us

P.s:Lately I have been feeling like when I try to be positive about somebody they reciprocate by being good to be exponentially while the ones I hate, hate me with same level lol so truth be told it’s just so scary,no ? Knowing how you feel about anybody, they’ll end up feeling the same about you by the end of the day. .shooot :p

In here

Running out of time

I see you escaping death

It is doing a merry chase

Turning you into irritated erratic being

Ever since you turned hopeless

It wriggled you towards the final stop

Whispering melodies of grave silence

You aren’t interested in anything anymore

Crushed I see you are breathing heavily

Tired to bones of all annoyance

The penchant for sweets

Is no longer enticing

Aging away you are bed ridden

Lines carved on your skin are fatigued

Still you are there craving my presence

I am happy you can rely on me

I am here, here for long

As long as you need me

P.s: Just a little dedication to all old aged grandpa’s and grandma’s.May God bless them all 🙂

In a trance

You get carried away

Shutting down all

To get in trance

Of varied intentions

Causing a rift in you

The way you had sorted everything

It all starts getting bleak

Making you question sensibility

There is a sudden trepidation

Anxiety to make abrupt change

Greedy to turn world upside down

Simultaneously without results

Sentiments blanketing your mind

Fortnight later you differ

Collected in a mannered way

As if nothing was unusual

Forgetting the subtle de tracks

Wait till this ends

Another trance will show up

With a tag

Don’t look at me like that

Pretentious enough aren’t you

Be aware not to cause a spectacle

Though reputation in tatters

What is with this sharp glare

Ice cold veins running in your blood

Should I get nervous?

Maybe wince at your animosity

I am excersing control

Exceedingly well portrayed

I cracked up a notch

Unannounced, your phase

Strikes me as brute and snobbish

Pray tell what’s brewing in your head

It will be a pile of morsels i think

Entertained at the price of noise

Tempting to add more spice

Just for the sake of ego

Soaked in anger you reveal your inner self

What’s it that requires such outburst ?

Dragging some attention

This publicity stunt is so insane

I did tell you so

Puff off all the dirt from your shoulders

Family might be used to it

But outsiders can’t be shunned

Better fix this illness

Unless you like getting stained

With a tag


I wish things worked out for us

Cornered, you ruled my mind

Shush! It was too late

Voices transfixed me

Searching for someday

We all expect a beautiful forever after

I demanded likewise

Tears still stung me like a bee

Recollecting all reminders of

Coincidental connection

-Beaming rays of hope

-Love begetting love

-Invisible bonding of respect & care

How you listened to my non stop banter

How my favorites prioritized in your eye

There were heated arguments too

Never once I felt left out

Fate had different agenda

That still twist my guts

Quietly drifting away

We slipped in psychobabble

Days, weeks, months passed by

Securing me a remedy

Though it still hurts deep down

But Life goes on

Fastforwarding Days. ..

Fast forwarding days

I held the remote of my emotions in control

You couldn’t see me reliving it & growl

Tugged in you part of me strolled away

Earning my keep I gladly once strayed

In a mist of prey

Emotions surfaced on your face of grey

Tangling me in chase that day

There was no holding back in the play

Love served you right on a tray

When you wanted to be at bay

Gently you wrapped me in a betray

Clueless ì welcomed the display

Till now those memories flash & amaze me

Not to forget those fast forwarding days

Comfortable smiles.

Enough said

Enough blamed

Let this all stop

Drop it like a ball

Worst is over

Let’s just not think

No more specifications

No more hoovering

Time’s gone

Voila! It was terrifying

Shrugg it all off

A deep sigh

What’s next ?

Rejoice, Refresh, Reform

Done & dusted

Don’t rain in your parade now

A middle finger to the

Conceited-manipulative-plastic mind

Pat yourself

Comfortable smiles will

Loom your way

All shades of stress..

Some go for rebounds 


Everytime when nagged by

Lethal appearances in your life

To get used to pain 

That grows within you  

Until it affects you no more 

Until it makes you calm again 

You have dealt in the past

Your sanity becomes dainty 

While some hide behind books

To be nonchalant and reserve 

Paying no heed whatsoever 

To get a share of prosperity 

In a world of fiction 

Where writing gets you giddy with excitement,

Adrenaline rush and goosebumps 

Strong plots and gripping action

Emotionally driven characters 

Sizzling chemistry and tense conflicts 

Making up for all the time 

You got distorted 

Collecting yourself you realize 

This is a world you can call Home

Free from being fatal 

Not tormenting you 

All shades of dramatics 

Grown in you 

Seem to Fade away

Once in for all when you

Get in your safe haven

Hooked on it you smile pleasingly 

Curled up to read,read & read.


Take a Chance on me.

The truth is something

has gotten into me

that had nothing to

do with you.

Everytime I try spilling

it all out I flinch how

much that will cost my


My privacy being on

stake keeps me

dubious and forlorn.

Weary of accusatory

tone in your speech

i am ready to clear

the air.

Worn out from jabs

i am ready to take

steps to fill in


Someday you might

realize solitude has a

world of its own, none

bantering while


Accostumed to having

you around ,I don’t

want to mess this

all up.

Still counting on you

I am ready for you to

take a chance on me.