Ring o’ Roses..

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A ring of roses were there

Surrounding me with their exquisite

Fragrances every time I tried

Dumping them out from garbage of

My futile mind, fumbled in the

Thoughts which persisted on

Attaining a short term happiness

Based on my rules & conditions

Alas! I presumed being happy

For a longer period of time

Will demand giving up on

 Temporary decaying short termed goals

 I had been holding

Dearly, eagerly, psychotically, melodramatically

A ring of roses were there

Still enchanting me to let go of

Whatever I had planned to happen

Overlooking the simple fact that

“There is time & place for everything;

I can’t get everything beforehand

In the whirlwind of greed.”

Rectifying my behaviors & not

Grief stricken from my loss

I know time heals all and it is

Always like it should be.

(P.S Erika! Thankyou my guiding light! I dedicate this post to you. Your blogs are a treat to readers. You have helped me in ways to improve myself I never thought I could.God bless you always & forever)

Like a wannabe!

You like sitting in leisure

To get some peace of mind

Recollecting thoughts of time

Loving your world of paradigm

Sighing with relief for precious solitude

But there, they saw you off-guard emerging like wanna-bees

Gaits with thesis in interrogation

Running wild in your shadow to cast their spells

Prattling in trouble for you

Being Counselors like expert in none

Meddling like hobnobs for centuries

Getting hard to make sense with your nod

Breathing in relief with mighty hope

Not sparing a glance to see that you are

Always in for a penny, in for a pound 😉


So this was the whole episode of Jilt and hurt
Waiting for your arrival In their world of convenience
Making you all awestruck with gloom
Patting you hopelessly, to see this was what you
Were eager to have from the start
An age past adolescence, all grown up and zippy
But you didn’t pay heed to what lay ahead
A race full of unpredictability
Where nothing will ever concern you
No matter how much you succeed in believing
To master things out
It never works like this Sugar
You seem eager to mould people
With your intervening thoughts and
Blurred taste of your expectations like
A pot of clay adjusting with your reasoning
No!Sooner and later you need to jot this down
This isn’t how you can rule the world
With wearing heart about the sleeve but
With a wisdom and a wit, to figure out that
Leave everything be, the way this whole globe
Functions and survives, your job is to
Accept the perfect imperfections all lined up
In front, for you to learn and cast them aside without
Further glance in that direction because
Acceptance of reality has brought you to a
To a certain level of completeness and silence
applauding you for the wishful thinking

Her eyes

Her eyes danced with merriment

With the euphoria of liberty

Letting her hear the sound of passion

Bargained with her musings

Vowing to make her merry

With the constant persuasion of heart

Greedily agreeing to every pathaway

Just to make sure

She was radiant and gleaming

Knowing how scarcely she grins

Avoiding vendetta of evils pawning her threshold

Letting the air of contempt engross her

Overlooking her intrigue speaking volumes

And nipping every evil in its bud

All of a sudden!

Sudden bloom of Love
Sudden acceptance of faults
Sudden acts of gratitude
Sudden feel of dominance
Sudden surrender to submission
Sudden ignorance of verbal jabs
Sudden turn of events and touché
Sudden bridge of miscommunication
Sudden path of mistrust
Sudden rumors of debauchery
Sudden twinge of negative vibes
Sudden brawls leading to forgrantedness
Suddenly washing over the deeds of good
Sudden rush of a demon in seconds
Turning upside down, the sudden moments of affections
Into the sudden smoldering venom
All in a blink of an eye
All in all of a sudden

Dared me to dream!

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A Life full of surprises and thrill
Dared me to dream
A safe haven with the promise of tomorrow
Dared me to dream
A far away kingdom with solace and me
Dared me to dream
A sphere of freed and chaos
Dared me to dream
A sparkle of exuberance and sunshine
Dared me to dream
A fate with pact of abstinence and resolve
Dared me to dream
A betrothal of kindness and humanity
Dared me to dream
A paradise on a platter of love
Dared me to dream
A madness of passion and believe
Dared me to dream
A lifetime of God’s mercy and faith
Dared me to dream
A world which inhabits the air of peace
Dared me to dream
An oath of no malice and greed
Dared my fibre to dream

Its not about you!


Whenever I feel grumpy,Whenever I feel stiff
Whenever I want space,Whenever I need surrender
Its not about you
Whenever I feel void,whenever I feel remorse
whenever I feel estrange ,Whenever I am entangled in thoughts
Its not about you
Wherever I need solace ,Whenever I need peace
Whenever I blame,Whoever I curse,Whatsoever I yell about
Its not about you
Whenever I feign smile, Whenever I condescend
Whenever I am nuts,Whatever I am bantering nonsense
Don’t you for God’s sake ever think, its about you
Whenever I ‘ll say something, However I ‘ll say directly
So stop fidgeting around with negativity
Somethings  have to do with me, not with you
Get this,its not always about you,Its about me this time Read more

Embrace the Fate!


Avoiding the inevitable is the most difficult thing happening to any of us. I myself have surrendered to his egoistic inevitable. No matter how much we try ,we can never getaway with the things that are meant to happen, and make us all fidgety with there arrival. The feeling before demise is so unnerving and scary, that it makes ones crawl under a puddle of mud. Yeah yeah! we know that we can’t get away with our problems ;we have to face them but, don’t you all feel like a warrior in a battlefield ready to face the prey? I wish we could get away with the feel of uneasiness alarming every fibre of our being. Just to be a little optimistic about this whole scenario for once, we can think of anything else to occupy our mind like,  daydreaming about future, though it’s vague and all fancy, but it does helps you get in depth of our dreams, or taking a peaceful nap and, telling yourself “we’ll see when time will come”. Time is the best healer I  think so; because for a while it makes us live an illusion.We all know that,  we  can’t stop mother nature from anything. God has planned everything for us, so we can relieve ourselves knowing, Somewhere in the sky God is there smiling and, letting us use all our silly tactics to calmdown and, have faith in Him with whatsoever the inevitable is ; because He has clearly mentioned that His love is way more generous than a total of  70 mothers. So ,I genuinely believe here definitely lies a point in believing in our fate , and become a staunch supporter of theory “Everything happens for the best “.I hope we can repent our panic attacks. Just have faith guys, and those who still can’t figure out then settled down for cleanliness of yourself because cleanliness is half the faith. Try to keep your self and surroundings clean.

Tada! 🙂